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Ways to Participate

Fontbonne University has embarked on a transformative fund-raising campaign in order to secure our capability of performing our mission for generations to come. To achieve our goal of $20 million, this extremely important endeavor requires the partnership of many constituents.

For those who believe in the value that a Fontbonne education provides young people and adult learners alike, this is an effort you can appreciate and embrace.

With your generous support, vision and leadership, we will secure the future of this institution.

There are many ways you can participate in this campaign. For your convenience, we’ve outlined the most common methods of providing a gift.

Bequests in a will or trust

Leaving your legacy by making a gift through a bequest is one of the simplest ways to remember Fontbonne University in your estate plans. You may designate a specific dollar amount, a percentage of your estate or the remainder of your estate after other bequests are honored. Gifts from an IRA are also possible and provide great tax savings.

Charitable gift annuity

Charitable gift annuities allow you to make an irrevocable gift of cash or securities in which Fontbonne University, by legal contract, agrees to pay you or a designated beneficiary a fixed income for life. This can provide an immediate charitable deduction for income tax purposes. Upon your death, Fontbonne will receive the remaining principal balance, helping to continue our mission.

In establishing a deferred gift annuity, payments from the annuity would be deferred until some future date, often a person’s retirement. This may be more appropriate for those with substantial income who want the benefit of a current tax deduction, but are also considering long-range income needs.

Real Estate

A gift of real estate can be made for all or a portion of a property. If the property has decreased in value, the sale and subsequent contributions of its proceeds can allow you to receive both capital loss and charitable gift deductions. For debt-free property that has appreciated in value, an outright gift may be a great choice. You can deduct the fair market value of your gift while avoiding capital gains taxes and removing that asset from your taxable estate.

You can transfer the deed of your home or property to Fontbonne at any time and still keep the right to use the property for your lifetime and/or that of your spouse.

Personal Property

Gifts can also consist of personal items, such as antiques, works of art, vehicles and other tangible property. Determining value for income tax purposes will vary according to how the University either uses or sells the property.


A cash gift can be made through check or credit card. Checks should be made payable to Fontbonne University.


A signed pledge may be completed over a period of years, preferably five in this case, which is the length of the Now ... More than Ever campaign.

Matching Gift

Your employer may match a charitable gift made by you or your spouse. Please contact your company’s matching gift office for their policies and procedures. This is an excellent way to maximize the benefit of a donation to Fontbonne University.


When you give appreciated stock, you avoid the capital gains tax attributed to a profitable sale. The securities are assigned the full fair market value based on the average of the high and low quoted selling price on the day you relinquish control of the asset to Fontbonne. This is usually one of the best ways to give.

Charitable Remainder Trust

A unitrust or annuity trust can be an excellent way to give while also addressing income, tax and investment goals. The unitrust pays you and/or other beneficiaries an income based on a fixed percentage of the principal. This income will fluctuate in relation to adjustments in your investment strategies. For a guaranteed fixed income, an annuity trust can be established.

Charitable Lead Trust

A charitable lead trust allows you to make a significant gift through your estate while preserving an inheritance for your children and reducing gift and estate tax costs. You contribute assets to a trust, establishing a set amount or percentage, which is paid to the University for a set period of time. When the time period is met, the trust is dissolved, and the property is returned to you or distributed to your heirs.

Retained Life Estate

Your home can be used as a gift even while you are still enjoying it. A retained life estate results in an immediate income tax deduction with little effect on the use of the property during your lifetime. In keeping a life interest in property, you maintain the benefits and responsibilities of ownership except the right to dispose of the future interest you have deeded to the University.

Retirement Plan Assets

Earmarking a portion of your retirement funds is another way to support Fontbonne. Contact your retirement plan administrator if you’re considering including Fontbonne as a beneficiary.

Life Insurance

You can donate a life insurance policy to Fontbonne University or simply name the University as the beneficiary. A gift of a fully paid policy affords you an income tax deduction equal to the lesser of the cash value of the policy or the total premiums paid. Policies not fully paid may be accepted if you agree to make further contributions to the University to cover the premium payments. The University may cash in the policy if further gifts are not made.