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Le Puy Society

$25,000 – $49,999

The Le Puy Society is named for Le Puy, France, where the Sisters of St. Joseph were founded in 1650.

Mary Abkemeier, PhD and William Abkemeier
Bank of America Foundation– Matching Gifts
Boatmen’s Bancshares
George Warren Brown Foundation
Theresa Burmeister† ‘35
Julian and Eileen Carr
Clarkson Group Foundation
Matteo and Kathleen Atchity ‘66 Coco
Commerce Bank of St. Louis
Louis and Marilyn Montileone ‘61 Dell’Orco
Dennis Donnelly and Rebecca A. McDermott ‘83, ‘88
Meneve Dunham
Bernard and Marilyn Edison
Rosalie Millman Efken ‘56
William and Rosemary Fitzburgh ‘57 Erman
Ernst and Young Foundation Matching Gift Program
Catherine Esser ‘37
Mary Ferguson ‘65
Dorothy Fleck ‘69
Agnes Flynt† ‘42
Follett Higher Education Group
Michael and Karen DeGuire ‘65 Gedera
General Dynamics Corporation
Margaret Gilleo and Charles Guenther
James and Lillian Scott Gnotta† ‘78
Richard Greenberg and Claire Schenk
Charlotte Bussman Gund† ‘39
Harry Edison Foundation
Jane Kehoe Hassett CSJ
Lynne & Ed Higgins
Daniel and Catherine Human
IBM Corporation Matching Grants Program
Joann Augsburger Jana ‘74
Darryl T. and Villajean M. ‘94 Jones
Pamela Sloofman Kanter ‘73
Laclede Gas Charitable Trust
Joseph and Sandra Gurnsey ‘71 Lehrer
Mary Ranken Jordan and Ettie A. Jordan Charitable Foundation
Joseph and Helen McGlynn
Dr. John J. and Norrine† Gibbons ‘46 McNamara
Meltzer Family Foundation
Emma Lu Middleton†
Millstone Foundation
Missouri Arts Council
Missouri Professionals Mutual
Morrison’s Hospitality Group
Isabelle Hynes Nelson† ‘40
Joan McKinley Newman ‘66
Lucy Nonnenkamp
Gerald and Suzanne Noonan
Edward J. and Colette M. O’Brien Charitable Gift Fund
Orscheln Industries Foundation
Mrs. Robert Osterholt (Henrietta Binder† ‘45)
The P & G Matching Gift Program
Price Waterhouse Foundation
Mirella Ravarino
The Regional Arts Commission
RubinBrown LLP
Barbara Ann Rubinelli ‘61
S. M. Wilson & Co.
Sara Lee
Marilyn Schnuck
Gene Schwarting, PhD and Kathleen Schwarting
Joseph and Rosemary Shaughnessy
Mr. and Mrs. Vincent E. Shaw
Joanne Arnold Strathearn ‘71
James and Anne Sullivan
Tim Trout
Wolfgang† and Janie von Wolfseck
Dr. John & Beverly Wagner
Webb Foundation
Mary Joan Woods ‘68
David and Carolyn Carroll ‘60 Zwart