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Memorial Gifts

In Memory of Mary Jane Adelsberger

Edwina and John Adelsberger

James R. Fitch


In Memory of Sister Cecile Therese Beresford's Mother

Sisters of St. Joseph of Carondelet


In Memory of Kathleen Atchity Coco '66

Kenneth Atchity

Barbara Atteln '67

Kathleen S. Barnes, CSJA

Shirley A. Bauer

Mr. and Mrs. Robert D. Bay

Nina Kassing Bryans '57

Mr. and Mrs. John C. Burns

C. B. C. Class of 1959

Mary A. Calhoun

Dorothy A. (DeDe) Dallas Caspari '66

Marilyn Stoll Chambers '66

Mr. and Mrs. Dave Durst

Mary K. Eggleston

Eleanor Halloran Ferry '63

Karen DeGuire Gedera '65

Joyce A. George '66

Mr. and Mrs. Robert E. Gereaux

Thomas and Kathleen Toohey '65 Gunn

Mary G. Hacking '68

Mr. and Mrs. Matthew G. Herries

Angeline Marino Heumann '58

Clare D. Heyne

Mary Horridge '73

Mr. and Mrs. Donald M. Jacobsen

Joann Augsburger Jana '74

Peggy Keilholz '68

Anita Buie Lamont '69

Sandra R. Gurnsey Lehrer '71

Victoria E. Logston

Mr. and Mrs. John F. Marx

Mr. and Mrs. Francis X. McCormack

Jane C. McDowell

Mr. and Mrs. Jeffrey A. Mullins

Joan T. McKinley Newman '66

Allyn K. O'Byrne

Julia Roerkohl Okenfuss '60

Mr. and Mrs. Peter J. Palumbo, Jr.

Marsha A. Peters '02

Rosemary Mantia Quigley '67

Mr. and Mrs. Christopher E. Ramsay

Mr. and Mrs. Joseph D. Rupp

Mary Martin Schenkenberg, PhD '66

Wendy Schneider

Mary K. Sutkus '66

Mr. and Mrs. Jon Vaninger

Mr. and Mrs. Anthony J. Vierling

Sue Wallace '09

Edward and Marcie Wanner

Doris H. Prag Wilson† '61

Mary G. Wilper


In Memory of Don Garner

Carolyn Caudle Berra '76


In Memory of JoAnn Petty Gross '58

Arthur H. Gross


In Memory of Marie Terese (Tres) Lyons Malecek '52

Antoinette C. Breihan

Mr. and Mrs. George J. Chopp

John and Jane Christian

Walter A. Donius

Genevieve Bianchi Fick '54

Josephine L. Fischer

Louis and Carol Garr

Kathleen Madras Lochner '54

Mary Ann L. Medler

Edward V. Peters

Marie A. Ravarino '54

Dr. and Mrs. Harry J. Riffle

Mel Stratmann Steinmann '52

Patricia Trapp Strassburger '52

Francis and Ruth O'Neill '52 Stroble

Elizabeth Telthorst


In Memory of Ann Bischof Mathis '41

James R. Aitken

Michele A. Ames

Mark C. Azar, DDS

Mr. and Mrs. Mark D. Bauman

Marcia Billhartz

Patricia L. Codden

John E. Cramer

Dycus, Bradley, & Draves, PC

Mr. and Mrs. James R. Eichelberger

Mr. and Mrs. Patrick M. Flynn

Mr. and Mrs. Richard Goodman

Dr. and Mrs. Joseph F. Grasso

David E. Guymon

Mr. and Mrs. Michael K. James

Angela Lickhart

Mr. and Mrs. Mark E. Lopinot

Mr. and Mrs. Patrick J. Madigan

Mr. and Mrs. David L. Peterson

Barbara Pratt

Radiology Consultants of Mid-America

Mr. and Mrs. Donald P. Rigney

SADAR 3D, Inc.

Mr. and Mrs. Brad Small

Cecelia G. Struckhoff

Mr. and Mrs. Thomas J. Sullivan

Visiting Angels Home

The Wednesday Club, Inc.


In Memory of Julie Matthews

Darren P. George '89


In Memory of Linda McGrath's Father

Sandra Gurnsey Lehrer '71


In Memory of Rosemary (Case) Meyer '33

Floyd L. Meyer


In Memory of Eleanor Flynn Miller

Garth F. Fort


In Memory of Neil O'Sullivan

Darren P. George '89


In Memory of Maureen P. Slattery

Patricia A. Slattery


In Memory of Greg Taylor's Father

Sandra Gurnsey Lehrer '71


In Memory of William N. Wester

Bob and Mary Leb

Ruth Politte '61

Marian and David Zoeller


In Memory of Sister Linda Zechmeister

Katherine Wilson '04