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Congratulations to our 2011 Celebrating Excellence in Student Scholarship winners:

First Place: Frank Moynihan, The Applications of Differential Geometry to Quantum Filed Theory of Physics

Second Place: James Muehlberg,  Costume Portfolio - The History of Costume

Third Place: Keri Johnson, Functional Therapy with Individuals with Mental Retardation

Thank you to all the students who shared their academic endeavors with us.

Great job everyone!!

The Fontbonne Chapter of Phi Kappa Phi Welcomes New Initiates

Sixty-two new members were added to the Fontbonne Chapter of Phi Kappa Phi on Friday, May 6th in a ceremony in Doerr Chapel.  The initiates and their friends and families were treated to an address by Dr. Nancy Blattner, PhD, formerly Dean for Academic Affairs at  Fontbonne University. Dr. Blattner, currently President of Caldwell College in New Jersey, shared how rare it is for a University to have a Chapter of the Honor Society on its campus, how Fontbonne's chapter came into existence five years ago and how Fontbonne's influence carries to students 1000 miles away in New Jersey. She challenged all of us to continue on the path that has brought us to today -- the path of lifelong learning.



 Alyssa E. Akers

Education/Special Education

 Cindy L. Alexander

Education/Special Education

 Sebastien Babolat

Education/Special Education

 Carla D. Bailey


 Diana Y. Baird

Communication Disorder/Deaf Education

 Carra A. Bates

Education/Special Education

 Amy M. Becher


 Amy M. Caby


 Krystle J. Carr


 Andrew Cohen

Interdisciplinary Study

 Lauren Copeland

Education/Special Education

 Alexandria P. Creamer

Communication Disorder/Deaf Education

 Ashley R. Culpepper


 Shannon G. Dale

Math/Computer Sciences

 Robert E. Dane

Fine Arts

 Lynn P. Daugherty


 Brooke Davis

Education/Special Education

 Heather A. Deranja

Human Environmental Science

 Catherine S. Edmond

Communication Disorder/Deaf Education

 Steven E. Englert


 Amanda Finks

Human Environmental Science

 Richard H. Gentry

Education/Special Education

 Chrystal A. Gilbert


 Paula E. Gross

Education/Special Education

 Courtney L. Hoormann

Behavioral Sciences

Michael Horn

Biological/Physical Science

 Debbie L. Huff

Education/Special Education

 Janice Marie Johnson

Math/Computer Sciences

 LaToya Johnston

Education/Special Education

 Kara R. Jokerst

Education/Special Education

  Christina Karch


 Molly K. Kellett

Communication Disorder/Deaf Education

 Rachael M. Kingma

Communication Disorder/Deaf Education

 David W. Kingston


 Kara F. Kitts

Interdisciplinary Study

 Monica Kleekamp

Communication Disorder/Deaf Education

 Stacy M. Kreider

Education/Special Education

 Maribeth Kupstas

Education/Special Education

 Jennifer R. Laspe

Education/Special Education

 Rachel L. Lawrence

English & Communication

 Allison H. Maurer


 Robyn R. Millfelt

Education/Special Education

 Robert Monroe

Math/Computer Sciences

 Patti S. Mullican

Education/Special Education

 Kyle M. Nicoletti


 Heather R. Pratt

Human Environmental Science

 Sally P. Price


 Amanda L. Ringwald

Math/Computer Sciences

 Nicole M. Schmidt


 Jami A. Szwargulski

Human Environmental Science

 Angela F. Thompson


 Douglas Paul Tucker

Education/Special Education

 Susan Vent

Education/Special Education

 Aaron Weisenborn




Faculty & Staff


Stephanie E. Afful

Behavioral Sciences

Dyanne P. Anthony, Ph.D.

Education/Special Education

Angie G. Dowell

Human Environmental Science

Sarah Esther Huisman

Human Environmental Science

Linda D. Maurer

Business Administration

Julie A. Portman

Library Science

Randall S. Rosenberg

History, Religion, Philosophy

Mary Randa Wilson

Student Affairs

2010 Initiation

Welcome to the 2010 class of initiates:


Jill Badalamenti

Kate Barton

Tamara Jean Bauer

Teresa W Bluiett

Julie L. Brown

Gabrielle Cardwell

Cynthia Ann Carpenter

Katherine M. Colombo

Jennifer Marie Connor

Chelsea Costello

Monica M. Doerr

Kelly Marie Schweizer Doyle

Ashley Drackert

Benjamin Dreisewerd

Kristan Marie Dumas

Danielle Rhea Eickenhorst

Kelley Michelle Eversgerd

Lisa Felix

Krista M. Ferguson

Kellie L. Flacke

Melinda Kay Freeman

Kristan Marie Gardocki

Ruth Gerike

Deborah G. Gotcher

Carla C. Hargrove

Yolanda G Harris

Virginia K. Hartley

Fetrian Onee Hassel

Rachel Ann Haywood

Joseph Michael Herbert

Martha R. Higgins

Lillian K. Hinson

Mark D. Hofman

Kimberly M. Huelsing

Emily C. Immer

Kevin Matthew Jackson

Keri N. Johnson

Mary E. Krueger

Amy Kurzendoerfer

Jean Lang

Tiffany Chaparro Lekas

Samantha Ruth Lowrey

Karen Melzena Madison

Caitlin Elise Malina

Katherine Taylor Miles

Katherine Mueller

Megan R. Myers

Christie A. Newell

Peter Douglas Papulis

William M. Perry, Jr.

Tracy L. Pool

Cynthia A. Prost

Thomas Michael Puetz

Amy E. Quatmann

Katherina Roeder

Christine R. Schaefer

Sarah B. Schmidt

Timothy Sengpiel

Crystal Ross-Smith

William Daniel Spencer

Albina Tzipporah Sukhodolsky

Terrell R. Tate, Sr.

Christine Marie Tobnick

Kelli Walworth

Brittany Renae Watz

Gabrielle Meachar Woeltje

Hui-Qing Yin



Margaret E. Gray, Ph.D.

Erin L. McNary

Peggy O'Neal Ridlen

Suzanne M. Stoelting

Corinne Wohlford Taff

Minh Truong, PhD

2009 Initiation

On May 1, 2009 38 students and 9 faculty & staff members were initiated into Fontbonne's Chapter of Phi Kappa Phi. In a joint ceremony in Doerr Chapel, Phi Kappa Phi also welcomed the initiates of Fontbonne's newest honor society, Alpha Lambda.

Fontbonne University's Phi Kappa Phi 2009 initiaties are:



Dena Barry Meghan J. Berti Molly A. Lancaster
Jennifer E. Enright Eva-Marie Joyce Braden Lester E. Neal
Tiffany Ann Fessler Dawn M. Coyle Beth E. Rabinowitz
Elizabeth Louise Hughes Claire L. Dorwart Tashana Capri Syas
Daniele Klees Jinnia M. Hirbe Amy Timmersman
Mary Maxfield Adriene Jefferson Jordan Gibbs von Wurmb
Lauren Amber Murphy Christine Marie LaChance Leslie Wells
Tylanna Patton    
Linda Renee Schaeffer    
Kelly I. Schumacher    

Graduate Students


Faculty & Staff

Candice Marie Aiello Tina Rogers Kelley Barger
Paris DeBerry Bouchard Katherine M Schmitt Kerry Borowski
Melinda C. Calvert Neil R. Schraith Matthew L. Feldmann
Monica Yvette Smith Dickens Pamela Ann Smythe Peg Fetter
Sharon R. Ferree Cary E. Speigel Richard D. Gwydir
Mark J. Laury Debra M. Suchanek Jack Lawrence Luzkow
Jarret D. Randoll Rachelle L. Wilson Yu Ma
    Rogene S. Nelson
    Laurel C. Newman


Celebrating Excellence in Student Scholarship 2009

Following the Initiation Ceremony, new members and their families attended a reception in the AMC and were excited to view the 2009 presentations for Celebrating Excellence in Student Scholarship. Ten students displayed the projects they completed during the past academic year. Topics ranged from Speech-Language Pathology clinical experiences to Fashion Merchandising with a healthy dose of Mathematics and Fine Arts included, as well a two UN Millennium Goals projects from our Fall 2008 Dedicated Semester.

Princeton Review GRE Practice Testing

A GRE Strategy Session and two GRE practice test sessions were sponsored in Fall 2008 and 2009 in conjunction with Princeton Review. The sessions were well-attended and will be repeated again in Fall 2010.

Initiation 2008

The Fontbonne University chapter of Phi Kappa Phi initiated 74 new members on Friday, May 2nd. Larry A. Hickman, 2007 Phi Kappa Phi Scholar and Director of the Center for Dewey Studies at Southern Illinois University at Carbondale was the Speaker. 50 Undergraduate, 13 Graduate students, and 11 Fontbonne University faculty and staff members were initiated. Congratulations and welcome to all of you!!

Student Scholarship Day 2008

Fontbonne's first annual Excellence in Student Scholarship Day was held Wednesday, April 23rd. Five students presented their research.