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QUEST Phase 1

QUEST phase one is an emerging leaders program focused on Self-Awareness and based on the concepts of Gallup’s publication of StrengthsQuest ™. This phase is intended for students in their freshman or sophomore years, however any student is invited to participate. The semester-long program allows students to discover and learn about their natural talents and further develop them into strengths that are centered on their goals for the future.  Additionally, with Relationship Development in mind, students participating in this phase of the program will meet with a faculty mentor throughout the semester to reflect on their leadership calling and the skills required in their chosen area of focus, whether that be a co-curricular experience throughout college, a dedication to service or their future career path.

QUEST phase one: First-year Students- Each student enrolled in the Mission Core Curriculum will participate in Phase 1 of the QUEST program. Students will complete the StrengthsQuest assessment and must attend two 90 minute workshops. Additionally, in the second half of the semester, students will meet with a faculty mentor a minimum of four times to discuss their holistic development and their transition to Fontbonne.

QUEST phase one: Upperclass Students- Current or Transfer students will have the opportunity to participate in QUEST phase one in one of two formats:  Two 90-minute workshops or a overnight immersion retreat. In either form, student will complete the StrengthsQuest curriculum. Throughout the semester, students will also be connected with a faculty mentor, meeting with them a minimum for four times throughout the semester.


     Participation in QUEST kick-off reception

     Completion of the StrengthsQuest online assessment

     Participation in:

          Two 90-minute workshops (first-year students) –OR-

          Overnight Retreat (Upperclass students)

     Four meetings with a faculty mentor

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For questions regarding QUEST Phase 1, contact Dr. Janelle Densberger, Director of Leadership Education and Student Activities, at jdensberger@fontbonne.edu.