Where am I?

Program Objectives

QUEST Phase 1 is designed with holistic development of the student in mind. Through the participation in this program, students will:

  • Gain the ability to work collaboratively, the ability to lead, the ability to interact with others, and the ability to speak in public.
  • Be able to communicate effectively in both verbal and nonverbal modes and in either personal, academic, or professional contexts; will be able to organize ideas coherently and successfully articulate information to diverse audiences.
  • Exhibit self-efficacy and self-regulatory behavior including decision–making abilities, organizational skills such as time management, budgeting, and being able to accurately assess self and set personal goals.
  • Be autonomous, self-directed, and capable of independent thought and will be able to take initiative and responsibility for their own education and co-curricular involvement.
  • Know about the world of work including career possibilities, how to search for jobs, how to prepare resumes, and professional expectations.

This program will challenge its student participants to be high academic achievers, converse with diverse communities, act morally and ethically, and to ultimately critically reflect on their experiences inside and outside of the classroom.

It will provide a path, for its student participants, to take on active roles on campus and to subsequently bridge the gap between leadership theories into practice on Fontbonne’s campus.

This phase will ultimately provide a strong base for student leaders on campus. It will assist in stronger student involvement development of student organizations, athletics, academic departments, and overall campus life.