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QUEST Phase 3

Quest Phase 3


QUEST phase three focuses on Transitional Leadership and Professional Development. Students in this phase will be given a portfolio template to assist in their career planning and preparation. Components of their portfolio will include, but is not limited to, resume review, career shadowing, a mock interview, reflection on career skills, and job search action plan.

Students may complete phase three on their own timeline, though completion will take a minimum of one semester. Additionally, students may find that they have completed some components of their portfolio prior to beginning phase three, in which case those components will simply be added to their portfolio. 

Phase Three Requirements

            QUEST Kick-off Reception (If not previously attended)
            StrengthsQuest Assessment (If not previously completed)
            Attendance of Social Media Module
            Attendance of Dress and Grooming Module
            Attendance of Communication Module
            Attendance of Job Search Module
            Attendance of Resume’ and Cover Letter Module
            Attendance of Etiquette Dinner
            Completion of Mock Interview
            Completion of Phase Three Portfolio
            Exit Interview with Director of Leadership Education and Student Activities


For more information about Fontbonne's chapter or how to become involved, contact Dr. Janelle Densberger, Director of Leadership Education and Student Activities, at JDensberger@fontbonne.edu or 314.719.8057.