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RA and FOCUS Leader Selection

Resident Assistants (RA's) and FOCUS Leaders serve as a vital link between the student and the University. A great deal of physical energy and time goes into being an RA and a FOCUS Leader. It takes self-discipline, self-control, and most importantly, a willingness to serve and lead. Fontbonne is looking for responsible, hard-working, creative, and fun students who are able to exemplify what being a FBU GRIFFIN is all about while making great experiences for Fontbonne students.


  • Read position description. Make sure you understand the expectations and are available for all training and program dates before you apply.

  • Complete your application. Be sure to complete the application answering all questions thoroughly.

  • Submit your application by Tuesday, December 10th. All supplemental forms must be turned in by 4:30pm to the Student Affairs Office in Medaille Hall.

  • Group Process will follow the application process for selected applicants in each position. The Groups Process will take place from 9AM-12PM on Saturday, January 25, 2014. All applicants will be placed in to small groups to participate in various activities centered around team building and group dynamics.

  • Individual Interviews. This These interviews will ask specific questions related to the position(s) for which you are interviewing. Those selected will be notified via email and asked to sign up for an interview time online. Individual interviews will take place the afternoon of January 25th.

  • Participate in SOLD. All students that are offered and accept a Resident Assistant or FOCUS Position are required to participate in the Summit on Leadership Development (SOLD) on Saturday, February 8, 2014.

  • Notification of Positions will be emailed by February 1st.




Contact Lisa Clanton, Director of Residential Life (lclanton@fontbonne.edu) or Dr. Janelle Densberger, Director of Leadership Education and Student Activities (jdensberger@fontbonne.edu) with questions.