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Fontbonne in Service and Humility

Fontbonne In Service and Humility (FISH) is a student organization whose purpose is to provide service opportunities, social justice education about these opportunities, and community building opportunities for Fontbonne students. FISH strives to promote the values of service, humility, social justice, human dignity, collaboration, and compassion as we reach out to others locally, nationally and internationally. Our mission centers on empowering students to be a light on campus and beyond, to serve a world in need.

Frequently Asked Questions

Where do you go for your service trips?

Each year, "Fontbonne in Service and Humility (FISH)" offers at least two service trips. In the past few years we have worked in rural Kentucky and West Virginia, as well as Chicago and Honduras. This winter we're heading back to Joplin, MO to help with tornado disaster recovery and will be going to Punta Gorda, Belize in June to assist with the construction of libraries for school children.

Over the last few years, we have traveled across the country and abroad, including the places listed below.

  • Zacamil, El Salvador (Summer, May 2000)
  • Cincinnati, Ohio with the Franciscans for the Poor (Spring Break, March 2001)
  • Jemez Indian Reservation in Jemez Springs, NM (Winter Break, January 2002)
  • Christian Appalachian Project in Kentucky (May 2005)
  • Nazareth Farm in Salem, West Virginia (May 2005)
  • Chicago (March 2006)
  • La Ceiba, Honduras (May 2006)
  • Nazareth Farm in Salem, West Virginia (May 2006)
  • School of Americas Protest in Fort Benning, Georgia (November 2006)
  • Biloxi, Mississippi (January 2007)
  • Tijuana, Mexico (March 2007)
  • Biloxi, Mississippi (January 2008)
  • Nazareth Farm in Salem, West Virginia (May 2008)
  • Tijuana, Mexico (May 2008)
  • Biloxi, Mississippi (January 2009)
  • Nazareth Farm in Salem, West Virginia (May 2009)
  • Punta Gorda, Belize (June 2009)
  • Biloxi, Mississippi (January 2010)
  • Nazareth Farm in Salem, West Virginia (May 2010)
  • Punta Gorda, Belize (June 2010)
  • Biloxi, Mississippi (January 2011)
  • Kansas City, Missouri (March 2011)
  • Joplin, Missouri (January 2012)
  • Limuru, Kenya (June 2012)

How do I become a member of Fontbonne in Service and Humility (FISH)?

There are no membership requirements to be a part of FISH -- no dues, no mandatory meetings, etc. Just participate in one of our activites and enjoy yourself.


For more information please contact Lori Helfrich at (314) 719-3663 or Leslie Doyle at (314) 889-4503.

Also, don't forget to check out our service opportunities page.