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New Student Initiation: Catch the Fire!

 Every new student who enters  Fontbonne University is invited to catch the fire.  "What is this fire you talk about?" you might ask.

The fire we invite you to catch is what sets this university apart from all the others. It's the fire that makes Fontbonne unique, that gives Fontbonne purpose and meaning, that will inspire you to be the very best version of yourself.

The fire is what we call our charism.  A charism is a spiritual gifting, and our spiritual gifting is directly connected to the religious order who courageously founded this institution--The Sisters of St. Joseph of Carondelet.

The spiritual gifting is marked by Fontbonne's mission and values.  As new students, we hope you come to embrace the mission and values and in turn help the CSJs, or Sisters of St. Joesph, continue the work of God they began in the 1600s--to love the dear neighbor without distinction.

To welcome you formally into the Fontbonne community, you are invited to our New Student Initation Ceremony called Catch the Fire!

What can you expect from Catch the Fire!:

  • An exciting retelling of the CSJs story
  • A welcoming environment for students from all walks of life and faith backgrounds
  • An individual blessing from a CSJ
  • An invitation to receive Fontbonne's fire

Catch the Fire! takes place on the first day of New Student Orientation, Saturday, August 15, 2014 at 5 pm in the Mabee Gymnasium.  Family and friends are welcome to attend!

Questions?  Email the Office of Campus Ministry.

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