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Do I need to be Catholic or Christian to participate in Campus Ministry events?

No. All campus ministry and all campus events are open to anyone who wants to grow spiritually and connect with other people and God in their lives.

Where can I pray or reflect around campus if I am not Catholic?

The Interfaith Chapel was created on the first floor of Medaille Hall as a prayer and reflection space for all students, especially those who may feel uncomfortable meditating in the Doerr Chapel. Doerr Chapel is also always available for prayer and meditation and is located on the 2nd floor of Ryan Hall. There are also many different places to worship near Fontbonne's campus no matter what faith tradition you follow. Check out our page of Off Campus Faith Communities for a listing with contact information.

Where is the Interfaith Chapel?

The Interfaith Chapel is located on the first floor of Medaille Hall. It is open when the AMC is also open. The Interfaith Chapel is available to all members of our university community to use for a quiet reflection space. There are prayer and meditation materials available for personal use from many different faith backgrounds. If you find the Interfaith Chapel locked during the day, please come down to the Student Affairs office and someone there will be happy to assist you.

Do you have a bible study?

They are not formal "bible studies," rather they are designed as faith-sharing groups that will offer students an opportunity to get into scripture and share their views, insights and faith with each other. Christian Community and Interfaith Fellowships groups form at the beginning of each semester and are facilitated by trained student leaders. Please contact us at campusministry@fontbonne.edu to find out when these groups meet and what topics will be discussed!

Where can I go to Mass?

There are Masses at Fontbonne in Doerr Chapel every Sunday (7:00 pm) and every Friday (Noon) when classes are in session.

For information about other local Catholic parishes and Non-Catholic churches, check out our Off Campus Faith Communities page.

What are Masses like at Fontbonne?

The community that gathers to pray together at Sunday Mass is relaxed and laid-back. The music is led by Music Ministry Coordinator, Brian Miller, and a small group of students. We have some local priests who celebrate our Masses on a regular basis. Folks like to gather afterwards for chatter and snacks. Come check it out -- every Sunday at 7:00 pm in the Ryan Hall Doerr chapel.

We also have a smaller daily Mass on Fridays at 12:00PM. It is a great way to pray during your Friday lunch hour, and the mass is prayerful, short and simple.