Where am I?

Metanoia #10

Metanoia is a weekend long retreat led by students for students centered on the theme of transformation. You’ll hear student speakers talk about how they apply faith to their lives, enjoy conversation in small groups, and enjoy the grounds of Sojourn, a Christian Retreat in Dittmer, MO.  Metanoia is a strong Campus Ministry tradition as this will be with the TENTH year of its existence on campus, hence its name, Metanoia #10!  Metanoia #10 is October 3-5, 2014. 

Have questions?   We have answers!


What exactly will we be doing?  We’ll hear student stories, spend some time in small groups, spend time in quiet reflection, eat, hang out, chill around the beautiful retreat grounds, and play games.

So, is it a Jesus thing?  Yes, it’s a Jesus thing.  All faiths and denominations are welcome and encouraged to join us and explore our relationship with God, Christian or not.  Metanoia is presented from a Christian perspective.

Where is this thing happening?  The first night will take place at Fontbonne's Brentwood campus. Saturday and Sunday it's in Dittmer, MO at Sojourn, a Christian Retreat. It’s about 45 minutes away.  No, you can’t drive yourself, we’ve got a bus, and you need to be on it.

When exactly will we be leaving campus and returning? The retreat begins at 5:00 pm on Friday, Oct. 5 and ends at approximately 3:30 on Sunday, Oct. 7.

Who’s involved with this thing?  Lots of great students--including Vicky Smith, DeMarcus Davis, Claire Gunn, Rachel Shedd, Amy Koncar, Sarah Blasko, Alef Riberio, Yara Araujo, John Fletcher, Sarah Rose, and Angel Galdos--are putting this together for you!

 So, what do I need to bring?  Bring your own toothbrush and soap and other toiletries. Bring your own towel. Bring comfortable clothing. Bring a blanket or sleeping bag and pillow.

Are we gonna be camping?  No, we’re not camping.  It’s closer to a hotel than a campground.  There’s usually about 4 people to a room who will share a bathroom.

Do I need to bring my own food?  Absolutely not.  Please bring a snack to share ( a bag of chips, cookies, apples, or other snack food) but we will provide meals and other snacks.  You will not go hungry.

Can I bring homework?  We ask that you don’t bring homework.  We recognize and respect those studious students who want to study; however, this retreat focuses on rekindling your relationship with God and building community with other students on a spiritual level.  Coursework can sometimes get in the way that. Try to get your homework done before the retreat.

What does it cost?  Only $10!  That's quite the deal for meals, programming, lodging, transportation, and other goodies.

This all sounds great. I want to sign up!  Great!  Click here!

If you have any more questions (which is a-okay), you may email any of the team members listed above or Lori Helfrich Director of Campus Ministry.