Where am I?

Armed Intruders

If you see an armed individual on campus, it should be reported to the Public Safety Office by dialing 314-719-4357.  Internally, dial HELP (4357).


Should you need the police, fire department or an ambulance and Public Safety cannot be can be reached, dial 911.

Public Safety will insure 911 is called and keep people away from the affected area until the police arrive.

If you are in the affected area, you should alert others in the immediate vicinity and:

  • Response to Intruder Shooting at your Building: Turn out the room lights and lay on the floor. Consider crawling to a hallway away from the intruder.
  • Response to Armed Intruder in your Building: Turn out the room lights, shut and lock the room door and move to a point in the room where you cannot be seen from the hallway.
  • Response to Armed Intruder If You Are Outdoors:  Run to the closest structure that will shield you from the sight of the intruder.  If nothing is close, run perpendiculars from the intruder until you reach safety.

Unless you are in immediate danger, all people in the affected area should remain in place until instructions are received from emergency responders.