Where am I?

Catastrophic Emergencies

If an emergency occurs in our community where there is widespread injury to people or damage to property and immediate assistance from the police, fire department, and ambulance service is unavailable,everyone should:

Evacuate damaged buildings and/or areas where danger exists

  • Help with the evacuation of handicap and injured people
  • Note location of trapped or unconscious people
  • Administer first aid
  • Follow the instructions given by University officials

Individuals on campus at the time of the emergency will be asked to register at the Information Center which will be located at the Conference Room in Medaille Hall. All hazardous conditions and the location of trapped, injured or unconscious people should be reported at the time of registration. After registering, individuals should go to the Assembly Area in DSAC and wait for further instructions. If you have first aid training, you should go to the First Aid Station in DSAC.If needed, Fontbonne officials will seek volunteers form this Assembly Area to help with emergency efforts

All students and visitors wishing to leave campus may do so after informing the Information Center of their decision.

All faculty and staff members are asked to remain on campus until the situation can be evaluated.All employees not needed for the emergency response will be released. All released employees choosing to leave Fontbonne should inform the Information Center of their decision to leave prior to departing campus.

Individuals choosing to leave campus should carefully evaluate the chances of reaching their destination before beginning their journey.