Where am I?


 All fires should be reported to the Public Safety Office by dialing extension HELP (4357).

Should you need the police, fire department or an ambulance and Public can not be can be reached, dial 911.

The procedure below should be followed in case of fire:

1. Activate the building fire alarm and/or alert people verbally. All people should exit by the nearest marked exit. Close all room doors as you exit. DO NOT LOCK DOORS IF SMOKE OR THE SMELL OF SMOKE IS PRESENT. If time permits, secure or take your personal purse, wallet, etc. with you. Do not enter any area marked by a hazardous material warning sign.

2 .Assist people with disabilities in exiting the building. Do not use the elevators.Smoke is the greatest danger in a fire. Stay near the floor where the air is less toxic.

3. Once outside, move to a clear area that is at least 500 feet away from the affected area. Keep streets, fire lanes, hydrant areas and walkways clear for emergency personnel. Faculty members should account for their students by conducting a head count.

4. Dispatch one individual to a location near the emergency to meet and lead emergency responders to the site of the emergency.

5. Do not return to an evacuated building unless you are told to do so by a Fontbonne official.

 If you become trapped in a room or building during a fire and a window is available, place an article of clothing (shirt, coat, etc.) outside the window as a marker for emergency rescue crews.If a window is not present, stay near the floor where the air is less toxic.Shout at regular intervals to alert emergency crews of your location.