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Vehicle Towing

Individuals violating our parking regulations are subject to having their vehicles immobilized by the use of a wheel lock. This is done in lieu of towing vehicles from our property. However, vehicles are subject to immediate towing if they are parked or left unattended in a location that impedes traffic, blocks an unloading zone, fire lane or otherwise creates a safety hazard.

Vehicles not properly licensed, not in operating condition or that have been or appear to have been abandoned are subject to towing. If your vehicle becomes disabled, please notify the Department of Public Safety.

An immobilized vehicle is subject to towing after 48 hours if it remains unclaimed or if outstanding fines remain unpaid.

Vehicles are towed at the expense of the owner. Fontbonne is not responsible for damage to towed vehicles or to vehicles that have been immobilized using a wheel lock. Contact the Department of Public Safety at extension (889-) 4596 for information regarding towed vehicles.