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ResLife Griffin News

Closing Time

The Residence Halls close on Wednesday, May 13, 2015 at 12 noon. Griffin Bucks and meal plans end.


Dates to Remember

May 6     Reading Day

May 7-12 Finals Week - 24 hour Quiet Hours observed during finals week

May 16    Commencement Day

June 1     Room Cancellation Deadline - no security deposit refunds after this date


Before Finals Week

  • Residents must be registered by May 31 to keep your room assignment
  • Leaving housing? Transferring? Please check out the Residential Release Request information on our website - how to Cancel housing for Fall 2015
  • If you are leaving, complete Withdrawal paperwork in Academic Advising in Room 103, Ryan Hall
  • Complete a RESIDENT HALL EXIT SURVEY-ask your RA when you check out of your room. It is part of the exit process.
  • Everyone except summer residents must change their address with your local US Post Office for continuous mail delivery at the end of the year.
  • Check out 24 hours after your last final.
  • Sign the check out sheet to schedule the approximate date and time you will be ready to have your room checked by your RA (Resident Assistant). 
  • Clean out your MAILBOX before you leave, please!

Prepare Room for Check-Out, Please do the following:

  1. Remove all trash from your room. Take large items to designated spaces in your hall. Do not leave trash in the building. Clean out your trash bin.
  2. Remove ALL of your personal belongings from your room.
  3. Un-bunk your beds and/or return your furniture to its original arrangement.
  4. Sweep and/or mop your room.
  5. Close and lock windows.
  6. Turn off lights.

After You Have Prepared Your Room:

  • Officially check out with your RA by completing all necessary paperwork and turning in your keys.
  • You must sign your paperwork to be officially checked out of the hall.
  • Turn in your keys and access card at the time of check out to avoid any additional charges.
  • Room damages and cleaning charges are deducted from your room deposit before you receive your refund.
  • If you are returning to housing in the fall, damage and cleaning charges are applied to your student account. These charges must be paid to be allowed into the halls in the fall.

If you do not follow these procedures, you forfeit your $200 housing secutiy deposit.

Don't forget to take your bicycle home. Bicycles must be removed from the Medaille rack by May 14th. Any bike left will be used for the Bike Exchange Program.

Safety Reminders During Check-Out

As you move out of your room, please practice safety precautions to keep the residence halls and students safe.

  • Remember to lock room doors when no one is in the room
  • Don't allow "tailgaters" into the hall unless you know that they live in the hall.
  • Remember to lock car doors when moving your items out unless you have someone at your vehicle to monitor your belongings.
  • Call University Public Safety immediately to report any suspicious behavior you observe in and around the residence halls


If you plan to ship your things to your home country, you must follow these directions.

  1. ALL packages going to an international destination must be taken to the local POST OFFICE ACCEPTANCE WINDOW.
  2. If your packages are NOT postmarked with their stamp, the destination customs can reject and return your packages.
  3. Fontbonne University follows these postal policies and will not accept your packages.
  4. They must be taken to and mailed by an official USPS Post Office.
  5. If you are not returning to campus in the fall and might receive a housing security deposit refund, complete the Change of Address form in the 'Learn More' button on the left.


Summer Housing Check-In

You must be pre-registered at the Student Affairs office, located in Medaille Hall by Thursday, April 30, 2015. For more information, see your RA or Hall Director. You can also learn more on the Summer Housing website at fontbonne.edu/SummerHousing

Summer Residents -

  • If you have a bike in the Medaille rack, DON'T FORGET TO TAG IT WITH YOUR NAME.
  • If you have a maintenance emergency in your room when offices are closed, contact Public Safety for assistance. Public Safety number is posted in your Residence Halls.