Where am I?

Cynthia Murphy Service Spotlight



         When and how did you get involved in the Belize trip? 

I became involved with the Belize trip by checking my email one day around October 2012 and saw the trip being offered.  My love for helping people compelled me to inquire further.

What services activities did you participate in Belize and which of them did you enjoy the most?

While in Belize, I participated in helping to lay concrete for the stairs and along the outside of a church that was being built as well as assist in putting together windows.  We also had a chance to interact with some of the children and women from the village which was an awesome experience as well. I really enjoyed helping in building the church because of how grateful everyone seemed for our help. In the United States, we tend to forget to appreciate the small things and how to be content.  I was proud of myself for being able to lay concrete because it was an experience I never had before.  Interacting with the children was so much fun.  All of their smiles made my heart smile.    Personal activities I enjoyed included river floating, seeing the ancient Mayan ruins, and snorkeling (which I didn’t actually do but I was on the boat ).  Every part of this trip was an amazing experience. 

Why did you choose to go to Belize?

I chose to go to Belize for different reasons.  First I thought it would be very neat to be a part of a service trip because I had never done one before.   Secondly, I knew going out of the country would be something outside of my comfort zone and it would be good for me to push myself and conquer some fears (flying, traveling outside of the country, riding in a boat). Also, wanted to go because it would help in meeting diverse groups of people and I feel that is very important.  There is so much help that is needed in this world and I wanted to be able to assist in any way I could.

How was the mission and vision of Fontbonne carried out in the trip to Belize?

Helping to build a church in Belize was just one block in the commitment to discovery. The Fontbonne vision and mission statement were exemplified through diversity, understanding, and serving a world in need.  We were committed to open communication with a small language barrier, personal concern, and dealt with diversity between ourselves and the people of Belize. I discovered how grateful people can be without having a lot. As students and faculty, we were able to stand on the foundation of truth and assume our responsibilities and perform our duties to the fullest.

Would you go to Belize again and if so, Would you go for leisure or service?

I would definitely go to Belize again for leisure and service.  I really enjoy serving others.  It is truly what I feel I have been placed on this earth to do.  The country of Belize was so beautiful and there was a sense of calmness I experienced while being there that I would love to enjoy time and time again. 

Tell me something about you no one knows.

"It is a dream of mine to be able to be inspiration in people’s lives."  I want to be able to be a person who is considered a non-traditional student that can go out and speak to others to help motivate them to keep going.  I want to be the example for other non-traditional students to see anything is possible and the sky is the limit as long as you keep the faith and don’t give up.  If I can do it, they can too.