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Fontbonne Blanket Drive

This Fall, Mary Beth Gallagher put together a blanket drive to give to those who are less fortunate and unable to find shelter during the Winter months. Mary Beth Gallagher is the Assistant to the President for Mission Integration and  loves to serve others. 


How did the concept of the blanket drive come about?

I have been involved in in Winter Outreach for a couple of years and this year I wanted to engage this project a little more seriously. Winter Outreach is a loosely structured collection of many, many volunteers who assist homeless people on very cold nights. As you may know, there are several shelters for homeless people in and around the city of St. Louis, but there are simply not enough beds to go around for all the homeless people.


What is the purpose of the blanket drive?

On very cold nights, sleeping outside can be life-threatening. Some churches and other organizations offer temporary shelter on very cold nights. Winter Outreach works to assist in these efforts connecting homeless people with the various shelters available on very cold nights. One thing that Winter Outreach does is to give blankets to homeless people who are either unable or unwilling to go to shelters when it is cold, and that’s how the blanket collection got started.


How is the blanket drive representing what Fontbonne Stands for?

Fontbonne is getting involved in a number of very exciting ways. So, we’d like to collect as many blankets as possible to benefit our chilly neighbors. We are hoping to sell some as well for the same price we paid for the blankets. The Sisters of St. Joseph talk about serving the dear neighbor without distinction. In our country, we see a lot of distinctions drawn between ourselves and the homeless, but there are people just like us. I’m sure the CSJs would very much endorse us helping to find shelters for the homeless. We are carrying on their charism as we do this.

What is something no one knows about you?

I forgot about what no one knows about me I love to garden. I'd spend 5 hours a day on it, if I could. You put a little seed in dirt and up comes a delicious tomato. Wow!