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FiRST Leader Schedule

Date Event Name
16-Aug Leader Training
23-Aug Leader Training
24-Aug Festival of Nations
30-Aug FiRST Leaders Presented to R. Bahan's Class
2-Sep Forest Park Zoo and Picnic
4-Sep President's Reception
7-Sep Fair U. City
11-Sep FiRST Leader Meeting
20-Sep Tour of St. Louis
17-Sep Vaccinations
20-Sep Balloon Glow
25-Sep FiRST Leader Training
29-Sep Cardinals Game
5-Oct Science Center
9-Oct FiRST Leader Meeting
23-Oct FiRST Leader Meeting
26-Oct Haunted House
2-Nov Fall Dance
3-Nov Beauty and the Beast
6-Nov FiRST Leader Meeting
13-Nov International Bazaar
20-Nov Thanksgiving Dinner
20-Nov FiRST Leader Training
3-Dec Ice Skating