Where am I?

Educational Programs

Fontbonne University provides the following educational programs and training opportunities to help students and staff understand how to recognize and report sexual misconduct (see definitions for more information):

Consent and Respect

Online training tool used to educate Fontbonne University's campus about policies and resources regarding sexual misconduct.

Green Dot Training (Bystander Intervention)

Bystander-intervention-based training process that emphasizes the community response aspect in order to reduce violence on campus.


Interactive Fall activity that attempts to educate participants about alcohol's influence on varying body types and genders, demonstrates perception challenge through the utilization of impairment goggles, and challenges social norms of the alcohol culture through various activity booths. (BACCHUS materials provided.)

Safer Spring Break

Interactive Spring activity, similar to OkSOBERfest (above), provides a general perspective in its approach to challenge social norms of the alcohol culture; however, special emphasis is given to providing safety lessons and tips for international and domestic travel during Spring Break. (BACCHUS materials provided.)

Step UP! (Bystander Intervention)

Bystander-intervention-based training process, similar to Green Dot Training (above), that targets alcohol bias, mental health, and general alcohol culture concerns.

Students Thinking and Acting Responsibly and Safely (STARS)

Part of the NCAA CHOICES grant, student-based initiative that focuses on peer relationship interactions.

Sexual Assault Awareness Month in April

Denim Day: collaboration between the Department of Counseling and Wellness and student-led SHESA, community activity that challenges social norms regarding misconceptions about rape.

Additional programs may become available to the campus community throughout the year.