Where am I?

Purple Briefcase

Purple Briefcase

Purple Briefcase is your career community with powerful career information and more ways for you to connect with employers to find jobs and internships. Whether you are a first year student or senior, Purple Briefcase is the main mechanism that our University uses to post internships, job opportunities and other important career related info.

Employers: click here.

Students: to access Purple Briefcase, simply:

  1. Click here: Purple Briefcase SignIn Page 
  2. Students*, when it's your first time entering, click on New Student
  3. Use your @Fontbonne.edu email address, select Fontbonne University from the pull down list and enter your name
  4. Click Find Me
  • *Faculty will also click on New Student, but use the dropdown menu to choose Faculty when asked "I am a"
Here are three highlights you will notice as you begin to use the new platform:
​ PurpleScore: Log in, and you'll see an icon that looks like the figure to the left. As you complete elements within the platform, your score will increase. Want to increase your score? Look for clues by clicking the icon after you log in and it will show what you have completed and suggest activities for you to complete.
My Profile: You will be able to develop a visual profile to outline your leadership, work history, academic accolades, etc. The visual profile is a unique way to show who you are to employers. The visual profile does not take the place of traditional resume, but it augments it! We encourage you to begin building your visual profile today.
Connections: Connections to our Team and Employers is at your fingertips. Our new modern and intuitive platform allows you to search employers, follow them for alerts of their activity on campus and posted jobs. Straight from the platform you have the ability to self-serve video content focused on career preparation, socially connect with career related questions and view points and rsvp to events on campus, jobs and all activities!