Where am I?

First-Year Career Foundations

Welcome to our national award winning First-Year Career Foundations (FCF) Program.

The mandatory First-Year Career Foundations (FCF) Program is a key component of Fontbonne's 'Education Focused on You' approach to your college experience.  It is designed to help you make realistic and satisfying choices about career goals and academic majors based on your values, interests, personalities, and skills and the ever-changing job market.

The FCF Program will teach you steps to informed planning and decision-making, help you discover opportunities you may not know exist, and confirm or challenge your current knowledge and thought process.

 How does it work?

  • Your first mandatory meeting is a group seminar during Orientation. 

  • Your second mandatory meeting is an individual appointment with one of our career staff.  Prior to your individual appointment, COMPLETE the FCF Career Literacy Survey

 Important Information to Remember

  • You must attend the FCF seminar.

  • Complete the FCF Career Literacy Survey PRIOR to your individual appointment.

  • Your second meeting – an individual appointment - must be scheduled prior to October 24

  • Attending both the seminar and the individual appointment are required in order to register for the Spring Semester. 


Career counseling offices are located in Medaille Hall, first floor, in Student Affairs.