Where am I?

Resources for Areas of Interest

You may be questioning, even agonizing, the earlier decisions about your academic major or career plans. You may not enjoy some classes or may not be doing well in them. Maybe you are having doubts due to other factors. National studies estimate that many college students change their minds about their majors several times during their college years.

It is important to remember that you are more than your major.

Academic majors have several purposes: to provide depth in a specific academic discipline, to offer breadth in skills, and to gain access to a variety of career options. Some career fields require specific majors and some do not. A college major alone is usually not enough to get a job after graduation. The best way to prepare for a career is to get a sound educaton and gain career-related experience through internships/practicum, community service projects, volunteer work, part-time jobs, and extra-curricular activities.

The links can help you connect academic interests with career resource websites.

Please keep in mind that the information may be representative of typical career paths associated with each academic interest and is not a comprehensive list. You may want to explore multiple academic interests to help you learn about a range of career opportunities.

If you are unsure of your major, once you have identified your interest code, see our Fontbonne Majors & Minors By Interest Code.  Don't know your interest code - contact us for an appointment.