Where am I?

Graduation Photos

Grad Images/GradTrak will be taking individual professional photographs of students in the dressing area prior to the ceremony.  They will also take photos as you approach the stage and as you are receiving your diploma cover on stage.  GradImages will be contacting you directly and all purchases are made directly through them. 

Their toll free number  is 800.261.2576, or they can be reached at giservice@gradimages.net. Their website can be found at www.gradimages.com .

GradImages® is the official photographer at your graduation ceremony.   

Your photos will be available  to view and order by visiting their website at www.gradimages.com following the ceremony in May, 2015.

At that time, you may simply enter your Last Name,  your School Name: Fontbonne University and select 2015 from the dropdown menu.

Once you see your name, click on the link to view your photos.

If you need additional help to locate your photos, call their customer service department at 800-261-2576 or email them  at giservice@gradimages.net.