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Health Insurance

Insurance and Medical Health Requirements for Athletes

All students participating in intercollegiate athletics must verify to the Athletic Department that they have adequate medical insurance and are in sound physical condition. A student’s physical condition will be determined by the team physician or designee prior to competition through a physical examination. Ongoing observation will be monitored by the coaching staff, athletic training staff, and team physician. Insurance verification needs to be documented. The university does not carry primary medical insurance on any student. Additionally, any student participating in intercollege athletics must complete the necessary paperwork in order to practice or compete. Furthermore, every student must be declared academically and athletically eligible by standards set by Fontbonne University and the NCAA.

Insurance Information for American Students

All students are highly recommended to have appropriate and adequate health insurance coverage. No plan is sponsored or endorsed by the university. A list of potential insurance providers is available at Healthcare.gov. Again, Fontbonne is not affiliated with these providers and is simply providing these links as a courtesy for students and their families to consider as potential options.

Insurance Information for International Students

All international students accepted for study at Fontbonne University are required to carry medical/health insurance by an American insurance company selected by Fontbonne University. Students are automatically enrolled in the insurance plan upon enrollment at the university. The insurance program is administered by Summit America. For details regarding health insurance coverage with Summit America please visit the Fontbonne-specific, Summit America website. Information includes:

  • Detailed overview of insurance coverage.
  • Insurance costs. 
  • Dependent insurance.
  • Insurance for students on OPT.
  • Printable insurance ID card.
  • How to read an Explanation of Benefits (EOB).

Exemption:  Government sponsored students are exempt from enrolling in the requisite insurance program as stated above.  All new government sponsored students must show proof of insurance within the first two weeks of arrival to Fontbonne.  Failure to do so will result in student being automatically enrolled in a university sponsored insurance program.

Insurance Brochure

Download Fontbonne University's insurance brochure (pdf, 438.21KB).

Find a Doctor

Visit MultiPlan to search for a doctor in your area, you may also search by language spoken by the doctor. 

Questions? Contact Summit America.

Debbie Burgin
800-955-1991 – extension 7455