Where am I?


How much does Orientation cost?

Every new student pays a one-time orientation fee of $150.00 for first year students and $50.00 for transfer students, which is added to the student's bill. The fee pays for meals, supplies, and activities during orientation. It is to your advantage then to maximize your time during orientation in order to get your money's worth.

Who are my WING leaders and what do they do?

A Welcoming In New Griffins (WING) leader is an upperclassman who guides you through orientation. You will meet in a small group of first-year students and your WING leaders will lead that group. The WING leaders also helps plan and oversee many of the orientation events. Your WING leaders will contact you in late July to introduce themselves to you. Many of you have met the WING Leaders during Griffin 101 but you will meet your WING group leaders on Saturday, August 15, at the beginning of orientation.

What if I have to work during orientation?

Orientation is the start of your college experience and an expectation of all first-year students. You wouldn't miss class for working, so you shouldn't schedule yourself to work during orientation. There are several mandatory activities during orientation that are critical to your success at Fontbonne University. If you know of any conflict that cannot be avoided please contact Joel Hermann, Assistant Director of Leadership Education and Student Activities, at jhermann@fontbonne.edu or 314-889-4590.

What if I need special accommodations during orientation?

Please contact Joel Hermann (jhermann@fontbonne.edu or 314-889-4590) as soon as possible, so that arrangements can be made.