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Summer Camps at Fontbonne

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Free summer camp opportunities for K-12 students

Looking for a fun, educational summer camp your student will love? Fontbonne offers a variety of free summer programs in science, technology, arts and more. Take a look at what’s being offered for the summer of 2021 below, and let us know if you have questions!

Girls in Science

Dates: June 7–17 and June 21–July 1, 2021 (Monday – Thursday, 9:30 a.m. – 3:30 p.m.)
Cost: Free
Eligibility: Middle-school aged girls

Girls-in-Science Summer Research Program brings 7th through 9th grade girls to Fontbonne University’s Department of Biological and Behavioral Sciences for two weeks. The program is developed entirely by women scientists in their respective fields to emphasize experimental design, critical thinking and research skills, including troubleshooting, among participants. Topics include genetics, animal behavior, microbiology and parasitology; spectroscopy and chromatography, water chemistry, and electrochemistry; and DNA genotyping, fingerprinting, and forensic entomology. Girls will also stain their own lab coats and experience a taste of college life while making friends from across the St. Louis area. Face-to-face experiences, if safe to run, will be limited; remote options will be widely available and will include routine, small group interaction with women scientists, data collection and (potentially) data analysis.

Questions? Contact Kelly Lane deGraaf at


Ethical Hacking Summer Camp

Dates: June 7–11, 2021 (9 a.m. – 3 p.m.)
Cost: Free
Mode: Virtual (Zoom)
Eligibility: High school students (must be grades 9–12) with access to an Internet-connected Microsoft Windows PC for installing and using cybersecurity software provided by the camp instructor. Registration is limited to 20 students.

This program at Fontbonne University is a one week, intensive virtual summer camp designed to develop the critical thinking skills needed for a career in penetration testing and cyber defense. Through several hands-on activities, games and competitions, students will learn about network and web security and how to think like an ethical hacker.

Questions? Contact Zahid Anwar at

Cyber Warrior Camp

Dates: June 14–18, 2021 (Monday – Friday, 9 a.m. – 3 p.m.)
Cost: Free
Mode: Virtual (Zoom)
Eligibility: Open to high school students (limit 20 registrants)

This year’s virtual Cyber Warrior camp will introduce students to cybersecurity principles and safe online behavior. Students will learn to detect spam and phishing attempts and think like a hacker, in addition to becoming familiar with the concepts of confidentiality, integrity, availability and digital forensics.

Questions? Contact Guanyu Tian at


Dates: June 7–24, 2021 (Session 1), July 5–22, 2021 (Session 2)
Cost: Free
Mode: In-person
Eligibility: Varies, see below

Sports Camp (Monday – Thursday, 9–11 a.m.)
Children will work to maintain their therapy goals while engaging in fun and interactive activities with other students from around St. Louis. This camp is intended for children who were enrolled in kindergarten-8th grade in the 2020-2021 academic year. The camp will work to maintain current speech, language, pragmatic and fluency goals in a fun and competitive sports themed camp.

Theater Camp (Monday – Thursday, 12–2 p.m.)
Young thespians, directors and playwrights — your creative juices are needed! Join us for three weeks of theatre fun. This camp is for 3rd-8th graders currently working on fluency (stuttering), pragmatics and written expression goals. Join us as we create the greatest play of the summer while maintaining our progress in therapy goals.

Science Camp (Monday – Thursday, 12–2 p.m.)
Blast off into this fun science-themed camp that will blend science and exploration with maintaining speech, language, pragmatic and fluency goals for children grades 3-5.

LIT Camp (Monday – Thursday, 9–11 a.m.)
Get fired up about literacy in our LIT for Reading camp, where children will maintain their previous therapy goals in an interactive and enjoyable way. This camp is intended for children who were enrolled in 2nd-3rd grade for the 2020-2021 academic year. The camp will focus on strengthening the areas of phonemic awareness, phonics, fluency, vocabulary and comprehension through hands-on activities that make reading fun.

Questions? Contact

Augmentative and Alternative Communication Family Weekend Theater Camp

Children who use augmentative and alternative communication systems (AACS) and their families are frequently excluded or have limited opportunities to participate in activities that are taken for granted by those who do not have communicative challenges. Reasons for this lack of opportunity are varied and quite complex.

By design, users of AACS have access only to language that someone has had the forethought, time, and expertise to program into the system. This leaves many users with a very limited communicative repertoire, which is functional only in a limited number of communicative environments, usually school and home. They rarely have the opportunity to use language in the novel and fun manner associated with childhood. This issue is complicated by the physical disabilities that many children who use AACS often have, creating a barrier between them and the typical childhood activities. These physical disabilities also make it difficult to transport them to events and activities, impacting their participation with their families and typically-developing siblings.

Children who use AACS, their parents and siblings face a number of complex issues which are certainly not limited to their communication needs. These needs can only be supported by a number of professionals with many areas of expertise such as speech-language pathology, special education, law, human services and nutrition. Training opportunities in these areas are limited.

The purpose of this program is to facilitate participation of AACS users and their families in a weekend family-based camp with a theater theme.

Five Principles of Showtime!

1. To support participation of children of AACS in an activity associated with childhood – being in a play, and supporting use of language not currently available to them.

2. To provide an opportunity for children who use AACS to participate in such an event with their typically-developing siblings.

3. To provide parents with information in a mini-camp format in diverse areas such as estate planning, special education law, nutrition, community resources, and family issues.

4. To support participation of Fontbonne faculty from several departments in a collaborative effort.

5. To provide training and participation opportunities for students from each of the disciplines involved in the camp.

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