Faces of Fontbonne

#FacesOfFontbonne began as a way of telling the stories of the people who make up our diverse campus community. Our students, faculty and staff members come from all over the world, each with his or her own unique culture, background and perspective.

This is our way of celebrating our differences. By sharing our experiences, we can connect with each other and build bridges of understanding, friendship and acceptance.

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  • Jackie, psychology

    Jackie, psychology

    “I’ve been struggling with my faith for the past few weeks. I had a panic attack not to long ago, I just broke down and cried. I can’t seem to find the answers to what I want to do with my life after graduation. I have this great plan, I know where I’m applying and what I need to do to get to where I’m going but I don’t know if my plan is God’s will for my life. I keep asking myself “what if it’s not? Am I really willing to give it up and be obedient enough to follow His plan?”

  • T.J. Eggleston, assistant director of admission

    T.J. Eggleston, assistant director of admission

    “I joke that I used to do my job prior to working at Fontbonne, only now I get paid to do it. I used to wear my Fontbonne t-shirts and sweatshirts all the time and people would ask me if I attend Fontbonne. I would end up telling them about how much I loved it here. One time after I rattled off how much I enjoyed Fontbonne to a person when I was picking up a pizza, he said, ‘You sound like a commercial. Do they pay you to advertise for them?’ That was said to me my senior year. Little did I know that I would soon make a career out of recruiting students to Fontbonne!”

  • Claire, speech-language pathology

    Claire, speech-language pathology

    “Everyone always asks me how I feel about graduation, if I’m nervous, excited, or sad. The truth is, I’ve never felt more ready. Fontbonne has helped me become a global citizen and an advocate for others. I’m nowhere close to being fully formed in my understanding of our world, but these three years have given me so much joy and hope in what I can do as a speech-language pathologist and as a young voice for faith and justice. I can’t wait to get out into the world and test out the person I’ve become here.”

  • Quinn, literary studies

    Quinn, literary studies

    “I’m half black, half white. I’ve lived in rich neighborhoods and poor neighborhoods. I’ve gone to small private schools and big public schools. I work in a building with very, very wealthy people and then come home to an area with hard-working and friendly people from all over the world. I’ve played on sports teams that went to the Junior Olympics, and I’ve been on teams that didn’t win a single game. I don’t always fit in with everyone, but I do understand a lot of different people.”

  • Rikia, healthcare management

    Rikia, healthcare management

    “I was raised by a single mother. Times were hard, but I never noticed, due to my mom’s strength, love and dedication. I have worked two jobs since I was 16 and attended three schools before Fontbonne. Despite facing some issues, I’ve never given up. Once I was accepted at Fontbonne, I decided to give it 100% of my attention. It’s time to focus. No more shopping, concerts or extra things with friends. I’ll have to live at home for two more years, but I WILL achieve my goal. I will graduate at age 29… very bittersweet. No kids or husband, but a future of endless opportunities for success, networking and eventually love.”

  • Brian, communication studies

    Brian, communication studies

    “I transferred to Fontbonne from a much bigger university. My first school was a lot of fun- the football tailgates and traditions were really great- but my advisor didn’t even know who I was. I felt like I was losing my focus there. Since coming to Fontbonne, I have been more inclined to push myself to my full potential because all of my teachers are always pushing me to produce the best work I possibly can. That’s something I never experienced at the larger school. I have been able to apply my communication skills and knowledge that I gained from Fontbonne as an intern with the St. Louis Cardinals in their radio booth. It was a great experience!”

  • Lottie, special education

    Lottie, special education

    “I’ve made the majority of my friends from hanging out in the Griffin’s Nest. We’ve become such a family up there and I know that even after graduation I can plan on them staying in my life! If I could give a new student, or any student, a piece of advice I would say GET INVOLVED! There are so many great organizations on campus, find one (or four) that fit your interests and JOIN! You won’t regret it!”

  • Ahmed, global studies

    Ahmed, global studies

    “I started off as a biology major, but in my sophomore year I had the notion of studying something that would relate to my own personal story. Being an international student from Iraq, I chose the global studies major because I want to be like a bridge that can connect my culture and civilization to the culture of the States and the rest of the world. Living in St. Louis and being able to meet people from different backgrounds has really taught me that the world is such a small place… smaller than I ever thought it could be.”

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