Meet Mission Integration

Meet the members of the Fontbonne community that make up the Mission Integration team.

Students make Mission Integration come alive! Mission Integration Work Study Team

  • Lucy Stoecklin

    Lucy Stoecklin

    Major: Professional writing

    Hometown: St. Louis, MO

    Biggest Aspiration: English college professor

    Places I’d Like to Visit: If I could travel to anywhere in the world, it would be France to tour the Palace of Versailles. I really like the architectural interior design, especially in the Hall of Mirrors. In general, I would like to backpack across Europe because it would give me the chance to learn about European history, plus I would meet a lot of interesting people along the way!

    My Craziest Experience: In October 2014, I went skydiving with my cousin and uncle. We were crammed in a little plane until we reached 10,500 ft. I was strapped to an instructor the entire time, and we were free falling for about 45 seconds. After that, it took about 7 minutes to land on the ground after the parachute opened. The view was amazing! I could see the curve of the horizon and Lake Michigan. I would love to go again!

  • Tejash Patel

    Major: Computer Science

    Favorite Fun Activity to do: Ice skating.

    Favorite place to visit: Saint Louis Zoo


  • Mary Eggleston

Mary Beth Gallagher


Favorite Food: Cheese

Favorite Soccer Team: FC Barcelona

Places I’d Like to Visit that I Haven’t Already: Glacier National Park