Mission Core

Janus Seminars 2018

The Janus Seminars are a semester-long conference on personal and professional identity development for first-year students as they transition into college.

We use the name Janus because, like Janus in Roman mythology, we want our students to be looking backward and forward at the same time—at who and where they have been and where they are going and who they want to be.

Each student must attend 13 seminars that are chosen to fit his or her schedule, interests, and needs over the course of the fall semester. Mission Core instructors will confirm how many total are needed. Two seminars will be required for all students: Preparing for LIB 199 and Preparing to Meet Your Academic Advisor.

Students choose their own seminars from the list below. Ask your Mission Core instructor for more details on how he or she would like you to turn in your responses to each seminar.

Seminars are available every Monday, Wednesday and Friday at 11 am except where noted, along with “First Friday” seminar days that run from 9am – noon in the basement of the library (with refreshments available between seminars). This way, if you choose, you can complete three seminars in one day.

Also look for some special events on the calendar below that are included outside the regular times. Plan early so that you can attend the seminars of most value to you.

Ask your Mission Core instructor for more information.