Where am I?

How Your Academic Advisor Can Help You

Reasons Why You Should See Your Academic Advisor

  • To address any problems which affect your academic performance.
  • To select courses and to obtain clearance for registration for the upcoming
    semester during Pre-Registration Week.
  • To add or drop a course, change a grade option, obtain authorization to
    study at another institution.
  • To discuss academic progress, seek approval for a degree modification,
    request an incomplete grade.
  • To explore academic and/or professional issues, to change your major,
    minor or concentration.
  • To submit an application for your degree.

How to Meet with Your Advisor

  • Get to know your advisor early in your first semester. Don't wait until
    Pre-Registration Week.
  • Become familiar with your advisor’s office hours and teaching schedule.
  • Call or email to make an appointment rather than dropping in without one.
  • If it is necessary to drop in without an appointment, try to come at a
    time when your advisor has office hours. Allow time in case you have to wait.
  • Since the first and last two weeks of each semester are usually the busiest for your advisor, schedule longer conferences (to discuss issues such as possible majors, minors or concentrations) during the middle part of the semester. Remember, you have one advisor, but your advisor has many advisees.
  • If your advisor does periodic group advising, be sure to be there–you and your peers may have questions you each never thought of.