Where am I?

Faculty Prof. Development

Whether you're just getting started or you're battle tested, the CEET has opportunities for you to improve your teaching skills through effective technology use.  Every discipline and schedule is accommodated through the wide variety of options listed below.  Be sure to check schedules specific to each term to see when opportunities will be offered.

New faculty members should be sure to check out opportunities in PURPLE. 

On-campus opportunities

New Faculty Orientation:   New faculty orientation is held in August each year.  Orientation dates for the 2015/16 academic year will be published at a later time.

Tech FridayEach month during fall and spring terms, a group training session related to specific pedagogical objectives enhanced by technology are explored.  Topics include student engagement, multimedia use, and course assessment for student improvement.  See the Tech Friday Fall Schedule for times/locations.

Consultation Booking System:   If you'd like some individual assistance with your course, please click here to make an appointment through our consultation booking system.  There are several appointment types available including:

  • New Faculty consult
  • New Tools/Strategy (good if we've just been through an update)
  • Communication and Multimedia Tools
  • Assessments and Grade Center
  • Course Evaluation Tools
  • Work Smarter, Not Harder
  • List of questions (good if you just have a list of things you'd like to ask)

Click here to make a request.

Online opportunities

Can't get to campus for some of the in-person events?  No problem.  The opportunities below are held online and are either synchronous (done in live time with a group) or asynchronous (done on your own time). 

Virtual Lunch Series:  Twice monthly, a webinar on basic blackboard skills takes place right around lunch time.  Topics include Basic Blackboard Navigation, Grade Center, Assignments and Rubrics, Communication and Collaboration, Templates and Design Elements, and Evaluating Success in your Course. See the Virtual Lunch Webinar Series for dates/times.

Blackboard 101:  This online, asynchronous training allows you to review all essential areas of Blackboard at a level that suits your current skills (Beginner, Intermediate, and Advanced).  To receive a completion certificate, you will need to apply the new tools/skills you've learned to a current course and submit a screencast of those changes. You can enroll in this course yourself.  See How to self-enroll in classes  for information on locating and enrolling in Blackboard 101.

Adjunct Libguide: If you're new to Fontbonne, all this technology can be overwhelming.  See the adjunct libguide here to get the basics of how our technology works and to learn about everything you need to know from library resources to parking.

Course Reassessment:  Currently teaching a course that is frustrating you?  Click here to submit a form for course reassessment to have a CEET consultant review your concerns and offer some tips to help improve structure and workflow.