Where am I?


Be sure to attend some of the workshops offered to help you succeed at Fontbonne! 

"Back to School":  Are you a non-traditional student starting (or returning to) college after several years away?  Perhaps you're a traditional student, but not very fluent in technology.  Come to this session to learn about some of the basic technologies you'll need to succeed in college through this session.

"Appy" Hour:  We'll share some of our favorite apps for android and ios

"Working Smarter, Not Harder"-technologies and digital age skills to help you succeed in the classroom, the office, and beyond.

"Technology and the International Student":  Are you an international student at Fontbonne?  Bring your devices or anything else you use to help you learn so we can explore the technology options designed to maximize the benefit of your Fontbonne degree. (scheduled for Spring 2015)

"Technology and the Job Seeker":  Graduating soon?  Learn how to leverage social media, images/video, and online resumes to land the job you want.

Fall 2014 Workshop Schedule