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Advancement in the Academy

The staff at the Center for Excellence in Teaching and Learning can help you navigate the tenure and advancement process. In conjunction with the Committee for Advancement and Tenure, we can help as you assemble your dossier and self assess your strengths and weaknesses.

The following books at the Center for Excellence in Teaching and Learning can be checked out if you want to learn more about advancement in the academy.

Gillespie, Kay Herr, Hilsen, Linda R., and Wadsworth, Emily C. (eds.) (2002). A Guide to Faculty Development: Practical Advice, Examples, and Resources. The title of this book is exactly what it is. With contributions from many of the foremost scholars on university teaching and learning, it defends the importance of good faculty development programs, offers suggestions on strategies and guidelines for best teaching practices, and provides guidelines for working within the academy. Many additional references are provided throughout the book for those who want to investigate further.

Philipsen, Maike Ingrid. (2008). Challenges of the Faculty Career for Women: Success and Sacrifice . San Francisco: Jossey Bass. Balancing the demands of personal and professional lives is nothing new for men or for women, but while reforms have been implemented in many public and private sector businesses, academia has been slow to respond to demands of childbearing and other gendered cultural tasks. Philipsen has organized her book around early career, mid-career, and late career concerns that are particular to women, and closes with suggestions for changes that could be made to make the academy more inviting for all.