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Creative Assignments

As faculty, we should try to make our courses interesting for our students and to elicit their best work. One way to do this is to use assignments that relate what the students are learning to their everyday activities.

Please check the schedule of workshops and seminars offered at the Center for Excellence in Teaching and Learning for more ideas on how you can infuse some new ideas into your classroom.

Here are some additional links to information that may be helpful in developing new assignments for your students:

Recommended book from the center:

Mezeske, Richard J., and Mezeske, Barbara A. (eds.). (2007). Beyond Tests and Quizzes: Creative Assessments in the College Classrooms. San Francisco: Jossey Bass. A collection of ideas from teaching faculty across academe, this book provides some real-life examples of what can be done to find out what your students are really learning in your class. Examples include pre-service teaching, grammar lessons, historical conceptualization, and more. This book is highly applicable to a wide range of disciplines and teaching methods.