Applied Behavioral Sciences

In the Bachelor of Arts in Applied Behavioral Sciences curriculum at Fontbonne University, students learn key concepts from psychology and related disciplines that prepare them to serve a world in need. Our core curriculum teaches students how to think critically, solve problems and communicate effectively. Applied behavioral sciences majors take several core courses in psychology and sociology, then choose from among a variety of additional courses in other areas that relate to the behavioral sciences.

This major is well suited for students who wish to work in fields that involve human behavior, but who prefer a curriculum focused less on conducting scientific research and more on applying the findings of it.

  • Meet Abby.

    Meet Abby.

    She chose Fontbonne's ABS program for its unique blend of psychology and sociology studies.

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Applied Behavioral Sciences Program Highlights

  • The ABS major educates students in the discipline of psychology, and provides the opportunity for them to apply what they’ve learned to related areas such as human resources, sociology, counseling, or market research.
  • This major is very flexible — it can be completed in a traditional day program or in an evening/online format, and a wide variety of courses count toward the degree. Most courses for this major are face-to-face and in a 16-week format.
  • All ABS majors graduate with a career portfolio that helps them obtain the jobs they want.
  • There is no other major like this one in the St. Louis area!

Applied Behavioral Sciences Course Samples

  • PSY 315

    Abnormal Psychology

    3 credits

    The course examines the nature and scope of psychological maladjustment and pathology. Particular emphasis is given to the classification, description, and treatment of mental disorders, as well as their effects for the person, family, and society. Course focuses on a broad range of psychopathology, including anxiety disorders, depression and suicide, eating disorders, schizophrenia, dissociative disorders, and personality disorders.

  • PSY 310

    Social Psychology

    3 credits

    An examination of human social behavior. Primary focus is on the behavior of individuals in social contexts. The course examines scientific theories and research on the ways people think about, influence, and relate to one another. Topics include attribution theory, attitudes, persuasion, conformity, prejudice, aggression, and altruism.

  • PSY 320

    Statistics for the Behavioral Sciences

    3 credits

    An introduction to statistics and statistical analysis in the behavioral sciences. The course examines both descriptive and inferential statistical methods. Emphasis is on the use of statistical analysis in behavioral science research. Topics covered include frequency, distributions, percentiles, standardized scores, probability theory, sampling distributions, t-tests, correlation, and ANOVA.


  • Career Opportunities

    Career Opportunities

    Our graduates are well prepared to enter careers in a variety of fields such as public health, nonprofits and education. According to the United States Bureau of Labor Statistics, employment opportunities in the applied social and behavioral sciences are expected to grow approximately 23 percent by 2018, so our graduates will continue to be in demand.

  • Graduate Successes

    Graduate Successes

    Recent graduates of our psychology and applied behavioral sciences majors are employed at such organizations as:

    • Metro Bi-State Development Agency
    • The Jane Doe Advocacy Center
    • Market Probe Market Research
    • Maritz
  • Graduate Program Enrollment

    Graduate Program Enrollment

    Recent graduates are enrolled in graduate programs at institutions throughout the country. Some programs our recent alumni have enrolled in include:

    • Ph.D. program in School Psychology at UMSL
    • Ph.D. program in Health Psychology at the University of Rhode Island
    • Ph.D. program in Psychology at Virginia Commonwealth University

Applied Behavioral Sciences Career Opportunities

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