Biology Minor

A student majoring in any other discipline may opt for a minor in biology. This minor pairs particularly well with majors in dietetics, psychology, communication disorders, engineering, and education.

Required Courses for the Biology Minor

The Biology Minor requires the following 22 credit hours of Biology coursework; and includes an introductory chemistry course as prerequisite to some of the classes.

A student must successfully complete, at Fontbonne, a minimum of 50 percent of the credit hours required for the minor.

  • BIO 112

    General Biology I with Lab

    4 credits

    Selected principles and problems in general biology with emphasis on those principles most applicable to all living organisms: cellular organization, energy exchange, and inheritance.

  • BIO 114

    General Biology II with Lab

    4 credits

    A general course in organismal biology covering diversity of living things from the prokaryote to higher plants and animals. Prerequisite: Introductory biology course

  • BIO 212


    3 credits

    Study of the fundamental laws of inheritance in biological systems. Prerequisites: Introductory biology course and MTH 115 or MTH 125 (may be taken concurrently).

  • BIO 207

    Plant Biology with Lab

    4 credits

    Introduction to morphology, physiology, and evolution of
    vascular plants; integrating form and function to
    understand diversity. Prerequisite: Introductory biology

  • BIO 250

    Microbiology with Lab

    4 credits

    A general course with emphasis on classification, physiology, and pathology of microorganisms. Prerequisites: CHM 106 or CHM 128 (may be taken

  • BIO 318

    Cell and Molecular Biology

    3 credits

    Study of fine structures, metabolism, physical, and chemical activities of cells and subcellular structures. Prerequisites: Introductory biology course; BIO 114.

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