The biology major at Fontbonne equips you with a strong foundation in biological science and a solid understanding of chemistry and physics. You’ll learn tools and techniques that will help you become an effective scientist and have opportunities to put those skills into practice. A biology degree is flexible: You might go on to a job in human or plant disease research, drug discovery, or pursue a medical, dental, veterinary or other graduate biology degree.

Biology Program Highlights

Well-rounded curriculum: biology core with classes in cell and molecular biology, ecology and evolution, professional skills and more

  • The opportunity to participate in faculty-led research
  • Faculty that care about your growth as a scientist
  • Renovated biology, chemistry and physics laboratories
  • State-of-the-art greenhouse
  • Excellent preparation for admission into a medical, veterinary, pharmacy, dental or graduate program

Course Samples

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Student and Graduate Successes

Recent Biology Program Success Stories

  • Internship at the Washington University Genome Institute
  • Six research presentations at the Missouri Academy of Sciences
  • Five presentations at the Research Across Disciplines Conference, hosted by consortium of local undergraduate institutions
  • Summer undergraduate research projects on fish genetics and palate formation, including training at the Washington University Fish Facility, and raccoon landscape genetics and infectious disease

Biology Graduate Successes

Of 50 known alums from the last ten years:

  • 22 have been accepted into graduate programs in human medicine, veterinary medicine, allied health or biology programs.
  • 15 have found industry jobs in the research, pharmaceutical and biotech sectors, including with companies such as Washington University Medical School, Danforth Plant Science Center, Dynalab and Monsanto.
  • 3 have become elementary or high school teachers
  • Others have used their background in science as a foundation to pursue other interests, including training in the seminary, writing and more.

Biology Career Opportunities

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