Supply Chain Management Certificate

The Supply Chain Management certificate provides students with the knowledge and skills set to be successful within the industry. Academic and industry professionals have reevaluated the certificate to provide students with the most current supply chain information to pair with their graduate degree.

Supply Chain Management Certificate Highlights

  • All courses are provided online.
  • Courses offered every 8 weeks, which helps with efficiently completing the certificate.
  • Academic and industry professionals teaching all of the courses.

Required Courses for the Supply Chain Management Certificate


  • MGT 530

    Operations Management

    3 credits

    This course focuses on manufacturing and service operations, logistics, and quality management. This course will cover topics including logistics systems, lean production, and quality management. An applied approach will be taken in this course using analytical techniques to study these issues.

Required Courses:

  • SCM 540

    Supply Chain Management


    This course will examine the basics of Supply Chain Management from new development to working with existing supply chain networks. Topics will include supply chain strategies and design, evaluation and measurement, supplier interaction and support, global supply chain and location decision making processes, and best practices.

  • SCM 550

    Materials Management

    3 credits

    This course builds upon information from Supply Chain Management with emphasis on material management, manufacturing planning, control systems, purchasing, distribution, logistics transportation and warehouse distribution center (DC) management. The course  will focus on materials management, production planning systems, material requirements planning (MRP)/capacity management, and inventory fundamentals, including physical inventory and warehouse management, just-intime (JIT), Lean, total quality management (TQM), Kanban, and supply chain metrics.

  • SCM 560

    Logistics in the Supply Chain


    This course will examine logistics in the supply chain. Logistics in the supply chain supports customer satisfaction by providing deliverables including transportation, order fulfillment, availability, order lead time and customer service goals. Emphasis is placed on planning the logistics network, measurement issues and practices in the supply chain, transportation cost drivers, order fulfillment process, third party logistics (3PL) and
    outsourcing, and logistics decision support systems.

  • BSA 660

    Seminar in Administrative Policy and Strategic Planning

    3 credits

    This course utilizes case studies for analysis of strategies, policies and practices of domestic and global organizations as well as the environment within each operates. Students will be required to demonstrate the management skills necessary to analyze information, data and corporate scenarios to develop policy and strategic proposals for operating an organization in a competitive and changing environment. This will include student performance to develop and propose implantation plans and control metrics to affect such functions as marketing, human resources, production, finance, accounting, sustainability, ethics, quality, lean practices, and operations for a targeted customer segment. Students are expected to interact effectively in a professional manner and on a personal level in a team environment. Multiple assessments covering various business disciplines will be administered. Graduate level presentation and written skills will be required in all coursework performed.

Choose two of the following:

  • SCM 570

    Lean Principles in the Supply Chain

    3 credits

    This course will focus on achieving world-class levels of customer satisfaction, productivity and long-term growth through systematic prevention and elimination of waste and sustained continuous improvement. Topics include elimination of waste quality improvement, value stream mapping (VSM) value stream improvement process (VSIP), accelerated improvement workshops (AIW), total productive maintenance (TPM), and Six Sigma applications.

  • SCM 580

    Strategic Procurement

    3 credits

    This course focuses on the best in class practices for acquisitions and procurement management. The course will cover topics including the contracting process, pricing, negotiations, and global sourcing.

  • MPM 530

    Process and Methodology

    3 credits

    Course will provide a platform for discussion, analysis, and application of contemporary process methodologies in project management.

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