Transportation Minor

Required Courses for the Transportation Minor

A student must successfully complete, at Fontbonne, a minimum of 50 percent of the credit hours required for the minor.

  • TRN 210

    Introduction to Transportation

    3 Credits

    An introduction to the transportation industry, with focus on history, foundation and importance. This course will examine the operational nature of rail, marine, pipeline, motor, air and intermodal transport.

  • TRN 310

    Transportation Management

    3 Credits

    An examination of the managerial aspects of transportation as a function of logistics management. Provides a basic understanding of the operations performed and tactical decisions made by transportation managers. Prerequisite: TRN 210

  • TRN 320

    Business Logistics

    3 Credits

    Focuses on the planning, implementation, and control of logistics functions, including inbound and outbound transportation management, fleet management, warehousing, network design, and inventory management.

  • TRN 330

    Transportation Economics and Public Policy

    3 Credits

    An examination of the role and function of transportation in the national and global economy, with special focus public policy issues, supply chain relationships, and environmental impact. Prerequisite: TRN 210

  • MGT 350

    Production/Operations Management

    3 credits

    A review of production, operations and supply chain management, that focuses on manufacturing environments. Special emphasis is given to quality management, inventory control, logistics, process design, forecasting, and lean production techniques used to achieve profitable and efficient operations. Prerequisite: MGT 210

  • TRN 460

    Seminar in Transportation

    3 Credits

    A seminar providing an in-depth review and analysis of the industry evolution and application of various modes of transportation via the review of current literature and interaction with industry professionals. In addition, case studies will be utilized to bring a focus on the value phenomenon of the transportation industry and its’ key role in the pursuit of not only just-in-time strategies, but also the organizational efficiencies of the complete supply chain function. This course will also apply planning and management tools to define and solve a credible transportation problem. Verbal and written skills will be required to present and defend these proposed solutions. Prerequisites: TRN 210 and Junior or Senior Status

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