Deaf Education Career Opportunities

How Can I Put This Major To Work?

With a degree in Deaf Education, you can be a Teacher of the Deaf for

Public Schools
Private Schools

With additional graduate study, your undergraduate degree in Deaf Education is an excellent foundation for a career as a/an

Interpreter / Translator
Special Educatator (K-12)
Speech-Language Pathologist

Average Salaries for Deaf Education Jobs

Deaf Education Professor $89,005
Early Childhood Deaf/Hard of Hearing Teacher $43,554
Sign Language Interpreter $37,420
Audiologist $64,348

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Who Hires Deaf Education Graduates?

Public / Private Schools
Non-profit Organizations
Home Health Care Agencies
State Schools for the Deaf
Private Practice
Colleges & Universities

What are a few organizations that have employed Fontbonne Deaf Education graduates?

Atlanta Speech School
Central Institute for the Deaf
Francis Howell School District
Gallaudet School for the Deaf
Meramec Valley R-3
Moog Center for Deaf Education
Parkway School District
Peace Corps
St. Joseph Institute for the Deaf–Indianapolis, Kansas City, St. Louis
St. Louis Public Schools
Special School District
Special Services Co-op of Jefferson City

How Can Fontbonne Help with My Career Development?

Our office provides a range of free services online and in person for our current students and alumni, including:

Career counseling

Personality and interest assessments

Guidance when choosing majors and careers

Networking assistance

Resume and cover letter assistance

Mock interviews and interview prep

On-Campus Interviewing

Job and internship search advice

Work place etiquette training

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