Autism Spectrum Disorder Concentration

The Autism Spectrum Disorder (ASD) concentration for the Master’s in Education program (which includes the ASD certificate) will not be accepting new students during Fall 2017 and Spring 2018 semesters due to program revision. New information about the ASD concentration and certificate will be posted on the Fontbonne website in Fall of 2018.


The Centers for Disease Control (CDC) currently estimates that 1 in 68 school-aged children have autism. To meet the needs of this continually growing population, Fontbonne University offers the Master of Arts in Education with a concentration in autism spectrum disorder.

Concentration Highlights

  • Program total: 32 credit hours (degree and concentration)
  • Comprehensive, collaborative program
  • Educators and professionals from a variety of backgrounds will learn to effectively work with and educate children on the spectrum and their families.
  • Format: evening or evening/online combination

Educator's Discount

FinancialAid_Scholarships_Educators In appreciation of the services offered to our community by educators at all levels, Fontbonne University offers a 15 percent discount to qualified individuals enrolled in graduate coursework.

Qualified educators include those who work at least half-time in a nursery school, a pre-K through 12 school system or post-secondary institution.

A discount application form is available from the Fontbonne admission representative or program director with whom you are working. The form must be completed each semester or enrollment term to receive the discount.




Specialty Course Requirements


  • CTE 507

    Studies in Autism Spectrum Disorder (ASD)

    3 hours

    This course is an overview of the nature of autism spectrum disorder (ASD) from infancy through adulthood including diverse manifestations of the condition from mild to severe. Historical roots, definitions, current research, and policy supports will be addressed. Critical issues impacting individuals with ASD such as social deficits, communication disorders, sensory processing and behavioral differences are also explored. Theoretical frameworks and evidence-based practices that support the learning and development of individuals with ASD will be presented. Ten (10) hours of field experience are required. This course is a prerequisite for all CTE courses; however it can be taken
    concurrently with one other CTE course. Background Check Required.

  • CTE 508

    ASD: Communication and Social Competence

    3 hours

    This course addresses language development and
    communication strategies focusing on characteristics of
    individuals with Autism Spectrum Disorders (ASD).
    Issues unique to the population will be addressed, such as
    pragmatics and other communication deficits,
    augmentative and alternative communication systems, and
    social deficits. Use of case studies will be a method for
    integrating areas of study. Prerequisite: CTE507.

  • CTE 509

    ASD: Behavioral Supports

    3 hours

    This course includes theories and methods that support
    individuals with Autism Spectrum Disorders (ASD) to
    develop productive behavior control, self-regulation, and
    to function appropriately in groups. It includes an
    overview of behavior management theories and practices
    as they relate to clients with Autism Spectrum Disorder.
    This includes the principles of applied behavior analysis,
    principles of the social-cognitive approach, and Positive
    Behavior Supports. A focus will be on the behavioral
    management process beginning with functional
    assessment through implementation of behavior
    interventions. Evidenced-based practices that support the
    learning and integration of these interventions into
    practice will be studied. Case studies and examples of
    interventions will demonstrate use across subgroups.
    Interventions will be considered as they relate to
    diversity, levels of need, and age span. Prerequisite:

  • CTE 510

    ASD: Assessment and Evaluation

    3 hours

    This course explores types of assessments used for
    screening and diagnosis of Autism Spectrum Disorders
    (ASD). Domains of cognitive, communication, and
    behavior are addressed along with other developmental
    areas such as sensory, oral, motor and play. A focus will
    be on utilizing diagnostic criteria and discerning
    information from evaluation reports. Importance of
    diversity will be included with consideration given to
    subtypes of ASD and cultural and ethnic variables.
    Prerequisite: CTE507.

  • CTE 511

    ASD: Teaching and Learning Strategies

    3 hours

    This course focuses upon evidence-based strategies that
    support individualized learning needs of individuals with
    autism spectrum disorders (ASD). Comprehensive and
    integrated approaches are explored along with specific
    strategies that are included within various models. The
    ways in which assessments contribute to designing and
    monitoring programs of instruction most suitable to the
    individual with ASD are addressed as well as progress
    monitoring and maintenance of meaningful data that
    apply to social/ communication, and academic growth.
    Prerequisite: CTE507.

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