Literary Studies Minor

Required Courses for the Literary Studies Minor (12 credits)

Required Course for the Literary Studies Minor

  • ENG 200

    Introduction to English

    3 credits

    Provides majors with a foundation in the concepts and methods of literary analysis necessary for further literary study. Exploration of distinctive aspects of literary genres. Practice in close reading and application of varied critical approaches through writing about literary texts. Serves as introduction to the purposes and scope of the majors in literary studies, English for secondary certification, and professional writing.

Plus 3 credits each from the following four categories*

  • American Literature
  • English Literature
  • Literature and Culture
  • Genres, Themes, and Movements

Plus 3 credits in literature at the 200-level or above (3 credits)

*At least 3 credit hours must be in courses focused on literature written before 1865
*A single course may count toward multiple category requirements

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