Literary Studies

Like a traditional English degree, Fontbonne’s literary studies major emphasizes the in-depth study of literature through critical analysis and exploration of theory and history.

Literary studies majors are critical thinkers who study literature, language and culture as a means of understanding individual experience and society as a whole. Because our program emphasizes interpretation, discussion, reflection and writing, our students develop skills that are valuable in a variety of professions ranging from business to teaching to law.

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Literary Studies Program Highlights

  • Development of critical awareness and its application to the larger world
  • Foundation in literary tradition and analysis; sophisticated development of critical thought
  • Preparation to take on complicated problems and find solutions
  • Dynamic classes, student-centered environment
  • Development of both oral and written communication
  • Career or graduate school preparation
  • Sigma Tau Delta, Fontbonne’s chapter of the national English honor society

Literary Studies Course Samples

  • ENG 370

    Critical Approaches to Literature

    3 credits

    Study of the nature and function of literature and various extrinsic and intrinsic techniques for critical evaluation, including new criticism, structuralism, post-structuralism, and psychoanalysis.

  • ENG 240

    Survey of English Literature to 1789

    3 credits

    Consideration of important movements, writers, and works from Beowulf to the Augustan era. (pre-1865)

  • ENG 261

    Survey of American Literature since 1865

    3 credits

    Consideration of important movements, writers, and works of the late 19th century and of the 20th century; emphasis on realism, naturalism, regionalism, modernism, and postmodernism.

Literary Studies Career Opportunities

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