Art History Minor

Required Courses for the Art History Minor

The Art History minor is an 18 semester credit hour program.

A student must successfully complete, at Fontbonne, a minimum of 50 percent of the credit hours required for the minor.

  • ART 160

    Art History Survey I

    3 credits

    A survey of Western art and architecture from Paleolithic
    through Medieval times.

  • ART 161

    Art History Survey II

    3 credits

    A survey of Western art and architecture from the Renaissance to the present.

Plus three of the following:

  • ART 305

    Non-Western Art

    3 credits

    This course will cover the art and anthropology of the
    following areas: the Americas (North and South), the
    South Pacific, Africa, and the Orient. The course will be
    offered as a general survey of the above topics, or focus
    on one specific area per course offering. Offered even

  • ART 306

    Modern Art

    3 credits

    The study of trends in contemporary art from 1880 to the present. All visual art forms will be discussed — paintings, sculpture, architecture, photography, and ceramics.

  • ART 319

    American Artist

    3 credits

    This course will provide a forum for discussing issues
    relating to the visual arts in America from the seventeenth
    century to the present and to the political, religious, and
    social histories that influenced them. Offered odd years.

  • ART 492

    The American Photograph: 150 Years of American Culture

    3 credits

    The American Photograph is a course designed to
    accomplish three objectives. It will provide an
    introduction to select periods of American history, from
    1840 to the present, through the exclusive use of
    photographs as evidence. It will explain the history of
    photography itself, how it came to be and why it grew in
    popularity. Finally, and perhaps most challenging, the
    course will introduce the participants to the field of visual
    culture, using the photograph to examine how we see and
    how images are used to influence our act of knowing.
    Offered even years.

  • ART 493

    Renaissance Art

    3 credits

    A survey of the art of the Renaissance in Europe covering
    the beginning of the Renaissance in the 13th century and
    into the 16th century. We will look at major trends and
    artists and the social and political factors which
    influenced the art of the period. Offered even years.

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