Bachelor of Fine Arts

The Bachelor of Fine Arts in Figurative Studies Provides a unique, rigorous experience in creative expression based on the most universal of subjects; the human figure.

Beyond fundamental courses, classes are taught in the Academy style, with students from all levels in the same class. This offers the opportunity to learn from your peers as well as more advanced students. With the departmental emphasis on the figurative, skills and techniques are stressed, providing the basis for creative exploration, as well as instilling the idea of continual learning. Classes are small, allowing for much interaction between students and the instructor, and students and their peers.

The BFA in Figurative Studies forms a unique, structured exploration of the most enduring of subjects of artistic expression: the human figure. Students explore the figure across a variety of both two and three-dimensional media, with courses such as Anatomy Drawing, Life-Sized Figure Painting and Sculpture: Ecorche. The rigorous coursework of the program enables students to bring their concepts to reality in whatever form they may pursue.

With a faculty of working artists, an ongoing visiting artist program and an active gallery, opportunities are present for students to interact with professionals in the art world outside of the classroom, an important factor for artists at any level.

  • Meet Natalie

    Meet Natalie

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Program Highlights

  • A broad range of course offerings, many specialized
  • Exploration of both Western and non-Western aesthetic ideas
  • Concentrations allow/require in-depth knowledge of area
  • Fall and spring thesis shows by all graduating students
  • Professors are all professional, working artists
  • Professional exhibitions at the Fontbonne Fine Arts Gallery

In-Field learning experiences

  • This program includes extensive studio time with professor and student feedback
  • Fine Arts Gallery

    Fine Arts Gallery

    Fontbonne University Gallery of Art’s mission is to encourage and support the artist and the education of the visual arts in the community through its exhibitions and programs. Learn more.

  • Student, Faculty and Alumni Art

    Student, Faculty and Alumni Art

    Discover what our students, faculty and alumni are creating. Learn more.

  • High School Workshops

    High School Workshops

    Fontbonne University annually hosts a summer workshop and Saturday workshop for high school art students. This will be an intense, college level drawing and painting experience for highly motivated juniors and seniors. Learn more.

Figurative Studies Course Samples

  • ART 160

    Art History Survey I

    3 credits

    A survey of Western art and architecture from Paleolithic through Medieval times.

  • ART 300


    3 credits

    Concepts of draftsmanship, involvement with the abstract idea as related to drawing; exploration of various media; perspective and space problems. Extensive work from human figure and nature.

  • ART 305

    Non-Western Art

    3 credits

    This course will cover the art and anthropology of the following areas: the Americas (North and South), the South Pacific, Africa, and the Orient. The course will be offered as a general survey of the above topics, or focus on one specific area per course offering.

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