Graphic Design Minor

Required Courses Graphic Design Minor

The Graphic Design minor is a 21 semester credit hour program.

A student must successfully complete, at Fontbonne, a minimum of 50 percent of the credit hours required for the minor.

This minor is not available for students in either the BA Art program, or the BFA Fine Arts program. The curriculum may be used as a concentration in the BFA Fine Arts Program.

  • ART 110

    Design I

    3 credits

    A study of two-dimensional design, three dimensional design, and color theory. Extensive  studio work on specific problems will be done in class.

  • ART 115

    Graphic Design I

    3 credits

    This course introduces design elements and principles. Focus will be on composition, typography, color, and imaging, for a variety of media including print and electronic media. Students will explore communicating information through a variety of media

  • ART 215

    Graphic Design II

    3 credits

    Intermediate design for new media. The course will focus on design and how it affects user content delivery and experience in interactive media. Students will develop projects using a variety of media and formats.

  • ART 202

    Intro to Web Design

    3 credits

    This foundation course focuses on the core components of web design: HTML, Cascading Style Sheets, and JavaScript. Site design and organization, user interaction, accessibility issues will be discussed and applied

  • ART 218

    Vector and Bitmap Imaging

    3 credits

    Introduction to digital means of artistic production. Topics include scanning, image correction, and digital manipulation of images, both bitmap and vector. PREREQ: ART 280 photography

  • ART 280


    3 credits

    Expressing and communicating ideas through
    photography as an art medium. Photographing a variety of
    subject matter, solving problems, and darkroom
    techniques within 35 mm format. This course is filmbased
    (not digital), and involves extensive darkroom

  • ART 302

    Web Design II

    3 credits

    Expanding from the introductory course (ART202), the course will focus on delivering  content using responsive (device-independent) techniques. Topics will include client- and server-side scripting, advanced use of CSS, building and using forms, and user interaction.
    Prerequisite. ART 202

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