African-American Studies Minor

Required Courses for the African-American Studies Minor

A student must successfully complete, at Fontbonne, a minimum of 50 percent of the credit hours required for the minor.

  • HST 107

    Introduction to African-American Studies

    3 credits

    An interdisciplinary introduction to the social, cultural, political, economic, artistic, and intellectual developments in African-American life and thought throughout American history, including theories on race and racial formation.

  • HST 310

    African-American History

    3 credits

    Provides an introduction to African-American history.
    Establishes a broad foundation for understanding the
    influence on America of the African-American
    community from pre-slavery to contemporary times.
    Topics include Pre-slavery, Colonialism, The Civil War,
    Jim Crow Laws, Reconstruction, The Harlem
    Renaissance, The Civil Rights Movement, and
    Contemporary Issues.

  • ENG 255

    African-American Literature

    3 credits

    And introduction to the literature of African Americans
    from the slave narrative to the present and an opportunity
    to analyze and interrogate issues of race, identity, and
    gender in the works of African-American writers. Offered
    even years.

Plus three of the five following courses:

  • PSY 250

    Cross-Cultural Psychology

    3 credits

    An examination of the ways in which social and cultural forces shape human experience. The course focuses on how cultural and ethnic identifications relate to the development of behavior. The course will critically explore how broad conclusions made in Western psychology apply to people in other cultures. Explores the influence of culture on different dimensions of behavior, such as gender roles, conformity, aggression, individualism, altruism, and values. Prerequisite: PSY 100.

  • MUS 106

    American Popular Music

    3 Credits

    Social, economic, and musical foundations of ragtime, jazz, swing, and popular music, with a special emphasis on the best work of America’s most distinguished popular music composers and lyricists. Some emphasis on the verbal, melodic, harmonic, and rhythmic characteristics that distinguishes the American popular song and its creators.

  • WGS 101

    Introduction to Women’s Studies

    3 Credits

    This course provides an introduction to the interdisciplinary field of women’s studies. Readings in feminist theory and research, autobiography, and the history of women’s rights activism will provide a framework for an investigation of major themes in women’s lives. Using contemporary cultures of the United States as our primary field of study, we will also explore dominant ideas about gender, one of the primary terms through which human beings articulate identity, define social roles, and assign status. We will consider as well how notions of gender intersect with other components of experiences such as those related to nationality, culture, ethnicity, race, class, age, religion, and sexuality. Fulfills specialized valuing general education requirement.

  • COM 240

    Intercultural Communication

    3 credits

    Focuses on communication that occurs between
    individuals who come from different cultural
    backgrounds. Students will be presented with a model for
    intercultural communication, which will serve as a
    theoretical foundation for the course. Particular emphasis
    will be placed on the understanding of cultural differences
    in an attempt to reduce communication barriers.

  • SOC 265

    Diversity Studies

    3 credits

    An introduction to central debates in the sociological
    literature on diverse groups. Discussion of issues such as
    power and inequality, prejudice and discrimination, social
    justice, and social policy. Prerequisite: SOC 100.

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