Global Studies Minor

Required Courses for the Global Studies Minor

A student must successfully complete, at Fontbonne, a minimum of 50 percent of the credit hours required for the minor.

  • ECN 210

    Principles of Macro Economics

    3 credits

    Macroeconomics is concerned with keeping economic fluctuations within reasonable bounds. Topics include the measurement of the national income, inflation, unemployment, economic growth and monetary and fiscal policies and international outcomes. Prerequisite: BSA 100 (may be taken concurrently).

  • BSA 310

    International Business

    3 credits

    Topics include importing, exporting, tariffs, the balance of payments, foreign exchange, and the phenomenon of globalization. Prerequisites: ENC 210

  • PHL 221

    Business Ethics

    3 credits

    A systematic overview of normative ethics and a comprehensive discussion of  contemporary moral issues in a business context. Employs actual case studies drawn from business, as well as readings from a wide range of thinkers.

  • HST 366

    Trends That Shaped the Modern World

    3 Credits

    Study of the major political, economic, intellectual, and social developments which characterize the period from the fall of Napoleon I to the beginning of World War I; focus on “isms:” nationalism, liberalism, industrialism, socialism, and imperialism. Applications in the twentieth century.

  • GS 201

    Globalization and Its Challenges

    3 Credits
    A global look at the development of neo-liberalism (modernization) since the collapse of the Soviet Union and the shrinking of the welfare state in the West.

Two courses, 6 credit hours, from the following four courses:

  • HST 303

    Survey of Asian History

    3 credits

    Provides an introduction to Asian history. Establishes a
    broad foundation for understanding the culture and
    history of such countries as India, China, and Japan.
    Alternate even years.

  • HST 305

    History of Latin America

    3 credits

    History of Latin America, including the Pre-Colombian
    Era, Colonial Period, Wars of Independence, Imperialism,
    and Twentieth Century. Survey of Latin America as a
    whole as well as important developments shaping major

  • HST 307

    History of the Middle East

    3 credits

    Traces the history of political, economic, religious, and
    cultural development of the Middle East, emphasizing
    developments and trends of contemporary importance.

  • HST 309

    History of Sub-Sahara Africa

    3 credits

    An historic overview of the development of Sub-Sahara
    Africa with an emphasis on political, economic, and
    cultural trends of the area

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